Picking up calls is still a hit and miss. Request

I use my Sailfish phone as a daily driver for about 7 years. Every day it happens several times that I miss calls, because the new swiping menu doesn’t work well on my XA2. Since the latest update everything works fine, except this. Each day I am tempted to put my simcard into another phone, which I don’t like at all. Please give us the choice to have that pulley menu back.


Duplicate of: Answering call top-bottom (original behavior) should be an option under settings

Edit: which you already posted in.

Indeed I have posted earlier about this topic. I have tried to learn this new swipe without success. The pulley menu at least gave a little push and it never failed working. The new swiping gesture has no mark, no beginning or end. Also you have to give enough pressure while swiping otherwise it doesn’t work. I could use anything else, a slider bar, a button, but this is not good. The most annoying is that other people are asking what’s wrong, because I miss calls. . Than I have to say: “Its my phone”. For me it is my daily phone, not a toy or an experiment like for so many sailors.
So now I see no other solution than removing my sim. A bit sad.

So i’ll bite anyway then. But this should really be merged.

The old interface looked a bit meh, or hastily put together to me. Double pulleys always felt a bit slippery to me.
The new interface looks pretty nice IMO, and i have had no issues with using it.
It doesn’t work better really, but also definitely not worse.

You don’t need to reach an end, just far enough. Flick it with a bit of gusto.

This can’t be any different from the old gesture, the user interface does not register pressure.

Since SFOS (And Android too for that matter if i remember correctly from work) insist on making mute the first option, and make it quite hard to actually hang up, i don’t understand this.
You have a second try built in… you’ll just appear a bit slow to answer.

Mine too. Been here since day 1.


Please do not bite, It’s of no help.

I just wonder how we will have to react in the early morning when an alarm goes off a and a call comes in!


I know Clock alarms take priority over Calendar alarms set to go off at the same time (you first have to dismiss or postpone the Clock alarm before you get to see the Calendar alarm), so a call probably takes higher priority. I do wonder which place a Flash SMS would take if you had all four occurring at the same time.

My wondering was more about what direction Sleepy Joe has to swipe…

I still sometimes do the wrong way in the morning (even I have only up/down while still on 3.2)! This post was meant about consistency.


I use often Clock alarm with baking bread without any problem. When pulling downwards you can feel that little push which makes clear that it is off.

To verify some basics: Isn’t it so, that swiping up or down silences ringing only, but does not hang up. A row of buttons appear, and the middle one allows hanging up. And while ringing silently, swiping horizontally answers.
So, if I’m right, pulling down - due to old habbits - silences ringing, after which you should still be able to answer.

Sorry, I can’t say
Therefore I have to bring my device to factory setting and then update to Torronsuo and no

Have brought my XA2 to factory setting again and updated to Torronsuo in order to get the original calling gestures. In answer to your question: if someone calls me and I swipe down, the ringing stops and a bar appears for a second: end conversation. You can tap on it. If you don’t the conversation ends ‘on its own’.
It’s really annoying to downgrade, not only because it is a lot of work, but also because some apps don’t work anymore: Piepmatz e.g…
Yet I did it for it still is a phone.

That is simply not true. Swiping down does nothing.
Swiping up however does what you describe.

False. Silencing the call does however let the screen go blank after its timeout.
It does not disconnect the call.

I consider it as really deplorable that Jolla had implemented all this swipe stuff!
For what is this good?
In case of incoming phone call and some alarms at the same time the call should have priority. After ending the call a message should remain on the screen, reminding the user for the missed alarm or calender event. This should not disappear without confirmation by the user.

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Let me say it in a better way: if you scroll up, so, that the red horn goes up, you don’t want to pick up the call. In Torronsuo you then get a bar below in the screen that says: silence. You can tap on it or leave it. There does not follow a conversation. Then you get below in the screen the possibility to send a message or to remember the call.
To me this is unnecessary. Ik liked the original calling design best. The tutorial is easy enough.
Now I have an XA2 with Torronsuo and this calling menu, it still has the pushes and little click and at least I don’t miss calls anymore. . But some apps don’t work and no GPS. For driving a car and using a satnav I have to use a GigasetGS290 with /e/. A functionally well working system, fast, but not beautiful at all and no local apps. Mind you, once I had a Jolla 1 for everything.

Good idea! but another topic . please consider opening one in #feature-requests


It is really hard to follow what you are saying.
Please try to use inline quotes, and divide related sentences into paragraphs.

So in 3.2 there is a “pulley menu option” to silence, right?
There used to be a pulley menu option to decline… is that still there in 3.2?

You mean that after having silenced the call you can hang up or choose not to?
(You can’t have to swipe and tap just to silence…?)
That is the same still.

What does this mean?

It took me a while to understand what you meant with this in one of your previous posts.
Maybe i’m slow… but for the benefit of others: vibrations, haptic feedback.

Edit: Since there is only one action in either direction, i don’t quite see the need for feedback… but it also wouldn’t hurt.

I still don’t understand how you can miss a call. Accidentally silence it, sure… but you have oceans of time to rectify that - just wake the phone and answer.

I could see it being a bit difficult if you don’t have the phone right next to you and you have to go to where it is or dig it up out of a bag first. The real tragedy however, at least to me, is the fact that you can’t let a phone ring for longer than 30 seconds (obviously not a limitation of Sailfish). Surely 60 seconds would have been a better hard limit to impose? Missed calls, in my experience, can be divided into two categories, the ones where you had no idea the phone was ringing, and the ones where you heard the phone ringing from a different room but you just couldn’t get to it in time because your name isn’t Usain Bolt. But I’m going off-topic.

In my case there is a third one: I grab the ringing device and try to swipe horizontally, but that doesn’t always result in picking up a call. The swiping is too vague. With the original up and down pulleys with pushes and a little sound this never happened. Other systems have a button or a sliding bar and that is for a reason.


So if I understand you correctly, the problem is not really the direction of the swipe, but the lack of tactile and audible feedback?

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