Answering call top-bottom (original behavior) should be an option under settings

With the new update the answer call dialog has changed to flick horizontally to answer and flicking up to deny. This behaviour is not in line with the rest of Sailfish as all major actions go up or down.

Answering a call to should be a flick downward and denying upward. Make this a setting in the application itself.


Other than it looking really bad and not in line with the rest of the UI its not wrong in a way.

Yes it might get a bit of getting used to but we use horizontal flicks to confirm things. And up flicks to move away from stuff.


It looks bad and it has inconsistent behaviour. It should swipe left to answer and right to cancel. That is in line with how Sailfish works overall. The current implementation is rushed and not done in line with UX of Sailfish.


I am the same opinion. How about a setting where you can choose between the old pick up design and the new one. Or even better a customizable way to pick up the phone, so everybody would be happy, the business customers and the community :slight_smile:


I like the new horizontal/vertical difference for accept/deny, since it helps using the device with limited view. I can actually answer or deny a call without looking. Maybe it could be incorporated in other parts of the OS instead, making it consistent that way? :slight_smile:

Personally I think vertical should be answer (think pick up) and horizontal should be deny (think swipe away), but maybe there are other ways to look at it.


i think is so beautyful the new design. I eill care more about that taping the sentence blind wjile I am writing in the browseris still happening for ecample.

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A forum post from Jolla’s UX chief Joona is in the works, explaining incoming calls redesign rationale.

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Thought about answering like that too, but we’d end up with our ear where the mic is and the ear to the speaker :slight_smile: So even if I like the new system, the benefit is minimal, since I need to look at the device anyway before answering. And if I don’t, it might as well be my mother-in-law, my lover when I am dining with my wife or that person I owe 250 euros to :slight_smile:


Yes! And now available here: About redesigning incoming call experience in 3.4.0


I miss calls because I touch my thumb on the left or my fingers on the right, when trying to answer a call. Fingers and thumb are ‘in the way’. The combination of a button and a swipe to the left or the right, when holding your device is not practical.


As option it would be really great too indeed, beside return to what it was :innocent:


Yes! Thanks for the suggestion.