[OpEd] Shall we stop asking jolla to build a native messenger?

Hello Sailors!
Just scrolling the forum and picked between others two threads willing to push jolla to build a native messenger:


I just wanted to say that:

  • first: everyone has their ‘personal’ opinion on which messenger to take on, some advocating for whatsapp ("Native" whatsapp client), some for threema, signal, xmpp, matrix, telegram… And i bet everyone has a reason why their choice is the best…
    -second: there are a lot of native clients of chat apps on openrepos supporting for exemple matrix, xmpp, telegram, signal and nextcloudtalk. Fernschreiber (telegram client) and jtox (tox client) are even in the jolla store…
    -third: its a lot of work to build an OS. And its great that jolla focusses on that! its a work that we ‘all’ benefit. while a work on a specific app would benefit just a few…

Greetings to all and happy sailing😉

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Jolla only has to maintain the OS. Its not its job to build a billion different apps. What Jolla should do is to provide the “means” so that the OS can flourish with the help of the Community.

Ie in your quote the search engines are mentioned. The browser is open, a patch exists and i have no idea why it hasn’t been merged upstream.

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in the second link that you are reffering to, named ‘For the love to privacy and security’, the author lists the wish of a native jolla messenger app (see the point number 4).

I mostly agree that Jolla isn’t responsible for native messenger apps, but with the integration of Nextcloud into the system they should offer Nextcloud Talk also as App - or team up with Nextcloud to do so. @blizzz for example made a Talk app and he is also working for Nextcloud as far as I know, so all we’d need is that they work together at this. Nevertheless I know that the Talk app is just a hobby project.

And one other thing - and I know I always repeat this - support for RCS in Messages app would be helpful, and this is Jollas job.


Don´t blame me, but everytime I visited TJC or here, I see only that someone requests something and almost everytime is it answered same way - NO, stupid or irrelevant. Why do we have this new forum then? I am very sad of this behaviour.

Phone system without enough native apps is sentenced to death. Windows Phone few years ago died just like that. And why? Because they weren´t able to motivate app developers to make apps. Why not to involve some app-makers from the community?

So, if Jolla invests so much effort as they spend on developing aliendalvik, but to motivate app-developers or to collaborate with other small companies like Threema, Opera etc, they could get more into awareness and become full-fledged competitor of Google and Apple. Think small, stay small.

In our country we have one well-known phrase - translated to english means something like “Who wants is searching for a way, who doesn´t want is searching for reason”. Or citation from movie HAIR - “Easy to say No”

Personally I use sailfish because I don´t want to use android or ios. So it is logical that native apps are needed.

I am doing my best for Jolla as I can as their user - everytime someone asks about my phone and is curious which system I have, when I don´t have droid or ios, i make him showcase of Sailfish OS and his rich features and customization options,smoothness etc. Many people really like it, but many of them are discouraged just because lack of specific apps, which is a big pity. Many others discouraged by limited phone support.
Every app I use from community is translated by me to my language, except those, which were translated already. Last time it was Kari´s File Browser, adopted by ichthyosaurus.
A week ago my bank came with card paying confirmation only via app, not sms anymore. App doesn´t work on Xperia X, so I told them twice I want app for Sailfish OS.