November 17-20 Sailfish meetup in Romania / Hackathon

Hello, if there are any Romanian SailfishOS users on this forum, or really any user which is close to Bucharest1 I would like us to gather some day (TBA) in November 2023.

This was set in motion by the fact that @pherjung and I are going to use some days here in Bucharest for a hackathon on harbour-hydrogen which we adopted but then ran out of time to actually make official versions.

My plan is to get two days off, plus one weekend, and rent some hackerspace-to-be-determined here in Bucharest. The actual dates will probably depend on Patrick’s actual arrival, train et all.

So, would you like to join us for a meetup? One evening?
Maybe join the hackathon?

Let us know by writing here!

1 Considering I’ve been in the Vienna meeting this is of course anyone who wants to visit Bucharest.


I’d love to come over (but can’t) :wink: but let me know how i can support you with some pizzas for your hackathon :slight_smile:


Same here…I would like to join but cannot.

Thanks for chiming in - you can also propose other date for the meetup (or other city:)? so we can have a more clear image if there is a better time (or place). Thanks!

Cluj/Timisoara would suit better for me in December.

I don’t think I can move my holiday to December. The following dates suit me:

  • 10 - 13.11
  • 17 - 20.11
  • 24 - 27.11

If it is not in Romania, but maybe somewhere in the middle -western Europe, I have more dates available

Thanks @pherjung for sharing the actual days - so the hackathon needs to happen in one of those intervals, fully agreed.

Now I woudn’t exclude having it in another city since, say Cluj is more central (so closer to you too), or otherwise split the hackathon from a separate meetup.

Let’s have more responses so we can have a clearer picture.

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So even If I did not take a closer look on how to develop apps for SFOS recently I would be interested in participating.


That’s very kind of you, considering you’re also in another country:)
Did you search for planes, or trains? Do you have preference for Cluj or Bucharest?

Hmmm, an 11 hour drive…

I think I may look at flight when the date is fixed :slight_smile:

By which I mean to say I may be able to attend.

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I searched for Flixbus to be honest. But I can easily take a day or to off. So that’s not the problem. For going by train or bus Cluj would be easier to reach. But because nephros was searching for flights maybe Bucharest is easier to reach?

Iirc there were also good nightrain connections. I would take one of those if I could attend

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Bus and Train are good suggestions of course - anyone traveling from (southern) Austria or close regions?

I’ll be travelling by train from Switzerland. We could organise and travel together to start the hackathon on the train :smiley:

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Wait, you’re closer to Cluj-Napoca than me?

Kidding - I don’t recommend a 11h drive to anyone.
A night train sounds better. Bus if it has legroom :slight_smile:

travel together to start the hackathon on the train

That would be awesome on a new kind of level!

when the date is fixed

Let us target 15 Aug to fix the date (if there isn’t anyone opposing)?
It should be early enough to change other arrangements and get appropriate prices / availability for travel and we’d set the exact place to hack / meet after the date is set.

Personally I am good with all the dates Patrick already said:

10 - 13.11
17 - 20.11
24 - 27.11

and that includes my hometown and Cluj-Napoca, given I’d use a night train to get there.

Planes should be available to either Cluj or Bucharest, but I won’t bump their analytics by searching for you so they can doctor their price…

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@Vlagged you could add a Poll about the dates to this post to see which is most popular with people.

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What is the best time for the hackathon (that’s Fri-Mon) that you can attend to (or alternatively join for one evening as a meetup)?

  • 10-13 Nov
  • 17-20 Nov
  • 24-27 Nov

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Place: Cluj or Bucharest, TBD by in the comments.

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I could take part if it takes place in Bucharest. Maybe in Cluj too, but it’s much less probable.

I don’t really know my time constraints for November. I’ll probably be available any day of the week bar Sunday.

I could do some testing… And work on some related OSS projects that also happen to improve Sailfish OS.


Alright, setting the date as 17…20 November!

As initially said, this is for a hackathon. But any one of those days, such as November 18, can be used as a short meet-up!.

Now it’s time to set the place:

Of course, more flights are available to Bucharest, while a destination like Cluj-Napoca is closer to the westerner European countries - for trains and buses that is. I would say the same goes for Timisoara.
The distance between Bucharest and Cluj Napoca or Timisoara seems to be almost the same for a night train from Bucharest (I only now looked that up).

I am torn though if we should to a poll for the location. We are aware of some constraints, let’s discuss a bit first :slight_smile:
For example I could look up a bit the hackerspace places available in all the cities, in the next days. Or you could suggest if you know some;)