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Sailfish OS update from Jolla

Hopefully everybody has had a good and relaxing summer. After summer break we already restarted IRC meetings few weeks back. Now it’s time to bring back Community Newsletter as well. I want to give my sincere thank you to dcaliste and flypig for their great efforts. There’s a nice Sailfish community meetup coming up in Romania. A lot of updates and changes have been done on various repositories during summer time. Similarly there has been a great number of new or updated apps appearing in the Jolla Store. Thank you everybody!

Have a pleasant time with the Community Newsletter!

Energy from the Community

Romania Meetup

If you’re looking to meet up with other Sailfish OS users in person this Autumn then you’ll be pleased to hear that vlagged and pherjung are running a combined Sailfish Meetup and Hackathon in Romania across the weekend of the 17-20 November.

According to the pair the event was initially cooked-up as a way to work together on their newly adopted harbour-hydrogen app (the excellent WebView-based Matrix client). But it’s since grown into an event for all interested Sailfish-users to join. As vlagged explains:

It was pherjung who came up with the idea, he has some time to travel in November and contacted me that maybe we would make a hackathon for advancing the harhbour-hydrogen development which we both adopted recently and then we ran out of time.

There are still some details to be finalised, but it’s most likely to take place in Bucharest. Again, vlagged:

Based on the existing replies, it is not set in stone but it will 90% be in Bucharest. I need to update on this.

The event will be split into the meetup, most likely on Saturday 18th November, and the longer hackathon across the whole weekend from 17th-20th. For the hackathon, I ask what activities will be involved.

Hacking on harbour-hydrogen, of course! This in general should be a scratch-one’s-itch activity, but I recently started dratfing a couple or more of nice to haves here on GitHub.

So there you have it. Keep an eye on the forum thread for precise details nearer the time. Please help publicise the event by sharing the details if you’re interested to get more practically involved in the organisation, please do let either vlagged or pherjung know.

Repository roundup

The summer period was a period of vacation for many people, but not for all. The large number of package upgrades done by mal , attah and Thaodan or the work to port to Qt6 many key components done by neochapay and jmlich , show that Sailfish OS is actually a (Linux) distribution. Which means that it is leveraging capabilities from many upstream projects, which also come with a maintenance cost. This work of updating all the packages can be seen as a work not spent on adding new features visible to the user, but it is essential to fix bugs, keep pace with upstream evolutions… Besides, an element raised my interest from its pull request title: “Add support for Android 13.”, done by mal in droidmedia repository.

The network stack

Telephony stack

  • libqofonoext , Qt bindings for specific Sailfish OS extension to Ofono, jmlich updated the build system for Qt6 concurrent installation.

Document and files

Mapping and location services

Communication services

Calendar stack


  • gecko-dev , Mozilla’s Gecko web rendering engine, attah proposition to enable the dialog element, since this element is now standard and available since Firefox 53, has now been merged.
  • gmp-droid , a Gecko Media Plugin to enable use of Android hardware codecs through droidmedia on libhybris-based devices, rainemak continued the work of d-grigorev ensuring that the video encoder is producing a constant bitrate stream, not to conflict with WebRTC bandwidth limiting algorithms.
  • gecko-camera , a plugin-based library for Gecko to simplify video capture, rainemak and d-grigorev propagates recent changes from gmp-droid on constant bitrate for video capture.

User interface

Audio and video layer

Low level libraries

SDK and developer tools

App roundup

The pause in the Community Newsletter over the summer has allowed a surfeit of exciting software submissions to accumulate in the Jolla Store. So as we ease ourselves towards Autumn, I wanted to take a look back at what we missed over the last month or so. Space doesn’t permit the inclusion of all of the new and updated apps that were released during the gap, and there were an even greater number released via OpenRepos and Chum, but we can at least provide a flavour.

First off, Jyri-Petteri Paloposki (ZeiP) has been busy over the summer both updating his existing apps, and releasing new ones. If you’ve spent a lazy summer wondering how time flew by so fast and feel it’s now time to pick up speed and get things done, then you should take a look at his Tracks app. The app icons is adorned with an invitingly big green tick. The app allows you to record and track your tasks following the “GTD” approach. You will need an online Tracks service to use the app (either hosted yourself or from a hosted provider such as Installing the server sounds like a very productive form of procrastination to me! Jyri-Petteri has made a bunch of improvements to the app, including to translations, permissions and notifications. He’s also updated his Waypointer app which allows you to record locations along with text tags for future reference. The description says it may be useful for gathering OpenStreetMap data, but I could also imagine it being useful for other things too (e.g. where exactly did I park my car?). Jyri-Petteri’s Paketti app has also been updated with various API and Sailjail fixes. The app will be useful to anyone sending items with one of the courier services supported (Posti, Matkahuolto, Postnord, Hermes, La Poste and DHL). Once you’ve scanned the barcode of the package you can then use the app to easily track the progress of your parcels.

Finally there’s also a new release to the Jolla Store from Jyri-Petteri in the form of Openhabitus. This smarthome app connects to your household’s OpenHAB system and allows you to control its various capabilities. We covered the wide variety of Sailfish OS smarthome apps back in January and this looks like a nice addition to the ranks.

All of Jyri-Petteri’s apps are available from both the Jolla Store and OpenRepos.

Молитвослов (Prayer Book) might just be one of the most regularly-updated apps in the Jolla Store. The rate at which Vladimir (zuyev) pushes out updates is truly impressive. The app offers a calendar and prayer book that will be of interest to Orthodox Christians everywhere (the app has material in Russian, English and Bulgarian). The latest updates add new prayers and readings, fix bugs and improve the translations. The app is available from both the Jolla Store and OpenRepos.

Robert Scheinpflug (neversun) updated his Bodyweight Timer app to support 64-bit ARM builds. It’s always great to see updates like this, essentially reviving an app that might otherwise have been lost to many users. While there’s no shortage of fitness apps on other platforms, for some reason there doesn’t seem to be the same abundance on Sailfish OS. Bodyweight Timer is one of the few exceptions: set timers for various exercises, configuring the number of rounds, exercises and durations depending on the exercise. The app will ding away (single, double or triple bell) to indicate the various stages as you work through. It’s available from both the Jolla Store and OpenRepos.

There’s been some interesting discussion about smartphone-printers on the forum. These are small, portable and ideally battery-powered printers you can use from your phone. The go-to app for printing on Sailfish OS is SeaPrint from Anton Thomasson (attah). In my view an app that really highlights the benefits of Sailfish OS over other platforms, the app allows you to connect to any printer over the network using IPP (the Internet Printer Protocol). It works superbly and Anton has recently updated it to fix colour mode selection on black and white printers and make various internal improvements to the code. SeaPrint is available exclusively from the Jolla Store.

The now legendary mapping app OSM Scout has seen an update from its author Lukáš Karas (karry). This is another superb app that provides mapping, routing and search capabilities. The app provides supports offline data and is particularly good for cycling given its excellent support for elevation and waypoints. The latest changes include updated translations for Estonian and Polish as well as fixes to that all-important elevation feature. OSM Scout is available from both the Jolla Store and OpenRepos.

This covers just a small portion of the apps updated over the summer period. In the next newsletter I’ll serve up another portion. It’s been a busy summer for all you Sailfish OS app developers out there and it’s always wonderful to see the fruits of your labour.

Please feed us your news

Hope you enjoyed reading this community newsletter! As always, please do not hesitate to share your ideas, thoughts, or suggestion for future newsletter topics. This is your news!

Please do also join us at our community meetings on IRC, Matrix and Telegram. Next community meeting will be on the 14th September.


It’s good to have you back, thank you for this issue of the Community News!

As time goes on, my appreciation for the SFOS and the ecosystem only grows stronger. Thank you all for your efforts with the operating system and its apps.


reading this Community News makes me feel that you, the sailors, the community and thus SFOS are live and kicking - that’s great, thank you

Keep on sailing and stay on course


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