[Norwegian] Suggestions, discussions. Helping with the translation


Does anyone know of a technical English -> Norwegian dictionary.

Terminologi Guide

Engelsk Valgmuligheter Kommentar

Ferdig oversatt

Engelsk Norsk
compositor typograf
Idle inaktiv
debug symbols feilsøkingssymboler
Emoji Fjesing
Hotspot Surfesone

Hvis noen har noen tilbakemeldinger så blir de mottatt med takk.

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After asking some friends i found a Swedish word for compositor, maybe it helps.

I too have no idea what is the proper translation for idle; i.e. whether it is ready or inactive, both or neither. Overksam sounds really odd for computing, whilst an otherwise correct translation.

Debug symbols are these things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debug_symbol


@attah, I took your ‘komposionshanterare’ to terminology. I made ‘overksam’ consistent throughout for now. I plan to add further terms to terminology. And we also have some of the issues like the ones brought up in the discussion of the German styleguide to address. But writing this on the phone is typing blind, even in desktop mode, so need to elaborate later.

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