[localisation] Translation strings for the Sailfish OS release 4.6.0

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Hello again dear language fellows!

We are starting the translation round for the next Sailfish OS release 4.6.0.

It has around 140 strings to be translated depending on a language. The deadline for this round is Sunday the 24th of March inclusively.

There are a few special things to pay attention to on this translation round:

Do not localise the Android™ AppSupport product name.
It should be left as-is, not translated throughout the whole OS.
Means all existing mentions of AppSupport should be amended, e.g. in Finnish:

  • Android™-sovellustuki” change to “Android™ AppSupport” (and all its declinations)
  • Android-sovellustuki change to “Android AppSupport” (for cases without ™)
  • App Support change to “AppSupport” (no space in between)

Due to limitations of our translation tool, some affected strings may have lost their old translations and no longer suggest any translation memory. We have made a backup for you (Translation Backup of old strings containing “App Support”) to the rescue, if you need to check how to translate all other relevant words in long sentences, now leaving only the AppSupport bit not localised.

And a kind reminder of the old guidelines:

  • Always use “English (United Kingdom)” as the source for your translations please, not Engineering English. Some translations are still doing it the wrong way.
  • Please try to check old terms used, to keep consistency: e.g. if unsure how to translate the word “device”, put the word in the Search box to see how it has been previously translated into your language.
  • The same goes for language style (e.g. how to address the user).
  • Feel free to keep improving any old translations, even between L10n rounds.
  • Finally, please notice if there is a comment on a string to e.g. keep the translation short or some other guidance (via the “Content instructions” meta-language).

Without further ado, head to https://translate.sailfishos.org and follow the topmost link for Getting started if you’re there for the first time :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please post them under the Localisation section.

Thank you & regards,

Jolla team


Swedish done!
I have also one suggestion here, as I don’t have access to full terminology. Please change translation for ‘paired’ from ‘ihopparade’ (which is poor/childish Swedish) to ‘parkopplade’.


polski / jolla-startupwizard / startupwizard.ts

String 687814

polski / apkd / apkd.ts

String 684964

polski / apkd / apkd.ts

String 684963

No ™ in Android AppSupport


AFAIK the ™ is not necessary on every occurrence of Android, it’s enough to have it once per view. So if the source string does not have it, then it doesn’t need to be added in the translation.

ok. thanks for clarification


what is an Add-On? Is is a “Erweiterung”, a “Zusatzpaket”, “Zusätzliche Software”, something else?

I have gone with “Erweiterung” for now but it seems a bit imprecise.

Count me to translate languages I know, let’s rock! :slight_smile:

Firefox translated with Erweiterung. Let’s hope the idea is the same.


I’m not arguing, but gotta say it will sound clumsy when you go and declinate English names in writing in Finnish. Like, Jyrki Järvilehto clumsy.

“Android™ AppSupportin käynnistäminen kestää hetken.”

Should it maybe be “Android AppSupport -tuki” or somesuch, where the English product name could stay intact and only the Finnish word gets declinated?

“Android AppSupport -tuen käynnistäminen” etc.

I would guess the trademark holders would be more appreciative of this approach, than the Finnish-declinated abominations. “Android AppSupportiin”.

Actually now to think of it, I’m pretty sure the current Finnish translation on the Android AppSupport sub-page or at least part of it was from me. Might even be I may the culprit to this affront at their product name (for the reasons stated above). If so, duly noted.


For Dutch (swamp German ;p ) “uitbreiding” (similar to Erweiterung") felt the most natural. But I can only guess by name what an AddOn is. I’d guess some kind of paid, extra service tied to your Jolla account, perhaps related to the AI direction Jolla is heading towards?

Semi-offtopic: Firefox uses Add-on in Dutch, but I don’t agree with them. I’m in favour of sticking to Dutch words when it sounds natural. The everyday Dutch language is already showing enough signs of English due to some translators in the technology field being lazy.


Agree with “uitbreiding”. It might be less natural in .nl than it is in .be though?

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The declination being clumsy in some cases is a good point. And I’m not sure if we have any kind of guidelines for such things, so something to think about.
There are probably some options, like

  • If the context allows, and it doesn’t become more clumsy, try to avoid the declination with different sentence structure. This might in many cases make it sound even worse, so definitely does not work everywhere
  • Use colon, like “AppSupport:n käynnistäminen kestää hetken”. I don’t know if this is good or bad…
  • Use the “-tuki”, “-järjestelmä”, “-ympäristö” or some such additive suffix. Not sure which would be the best, and it makes the string longer, which might be problematic in some context.

We probably also need a better review on where we actually need to use the product name and where some more generic term could be suitable.

Unfortunately I am not a linguist so I can’t give very good advice on any of this, but together we probably can figure out the best ways to solve these.


Add-ons are the additional features that come with paid Sailfish X licence, like AppSupport, and MS Exchange support. So usual translations for “add-on” are probably suitable in most cases.


You already did that, ‘AppSupport’ is present in some places. IMHO that is generic enough.

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Upon looking it up, the Finnish Language Office seem to recommend that the product names get declinated like any normal Finnish word. I’m not sure if the trademark holders particularly approve, but the language people seem to have this opinion.

Vieraskielisiä nimiä taivutetaan yleensä vieraskielisten nimien taivutusohjeiden mukaan:
Airport Area Marketing : Airport Area Marketingia (markkinointiyritys)
Lidl : Lidlissä (ruokakauppa)
Hennes & Mauritz : Hennes & Mauritzista (vaatekauppa)
Party Lite : Party Liten (kynttiläyritys)
Galaxy Note Edge : Galaxy Note Edgellä (älypuhelin)
Mobile Pay : Mobile Paylla ~ Mobile Payllä (mobiilimaksusovellus)
Spotify : Spotifyta : Spotifyhin (digitaalinen musiikkipalvelu)


Without knowing the context, and I do agree that ‘ihopparade’ (or ‘ihopkopplade’ for that matter) is not the most suitable word, I think ‘parkopplade’ sounds technical. I would rather have ‘sammankopplade’.

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Even though ‘sammankopplade’ definitely might be an option in some cases, it doesn’t define how many devices it is about, where ‘parkopplade’ does.
As far as technicality is concerned, it is in fact a technical product, and we do not want to fall into language impoverishment, do we?

Unfortunately, it is the case that young Swedes generally have a limited vocabulary, so it may be possible to improve the situation somewhat, if we actually use the words that are available.

In addition to that, I would like to think that most Swedes ( and Swedish talking Finns) who use Sailfish, are at a fairly high language level.


Yes, everything in Swedish reviewed. I changed that term as well.


Thanks for looking that up. Following the Language Office recommendations in this case is probably a good option.


I don’t have reference at hand for Slovenian language but it’s the same.
Of course I try to do a compromise with the sentence structure as Keto is suggesting if possible. Mostly it’s only limitation if there is a limited length of translation. Our language rules are quite complex but there is some flexibility.