Nfc and android still not working

the german id card has an electronic component that can work with a card reader or can be accessed by the app AusweisApp2 via nfc. this app only exists as an android app, so the lack of nfc within android on sailfish os prevents using this feature.

i would like to know when nfc will be useable from android apps in sailfish os.



Certain low level access to NFC and Bluetooth is not accessible to the Android runtime

Read more here:

And here:


From what I understand, OP is well aware that this interface is not implemented at the moment, and he is asking for it as a feature request. I agree that it would be useful!


I am actually dreaming of a nfc reader/writer. So useful and so much fun.

@emva i actually was aware of this design decision. i just want to have nfc connection int the android layer nonetheless.