Next Sony device (speculation)

ahoy people!
I’ve got a question: which device (do u think) will be the next officially supported device?
I understand that this is pure speculation (most probably). But i’m still wondering.
I need to buy a secondary android device due to corporate requirements at work. Xperia X does not cut it any more because of the Andr 8. So i would like to buy a fresher Sony phone with at least hope that it will at some point be supported by jolla and i can install SFOS on it.
What do u think?


ahoy virgi26,
My experiences with Sony Xperia 10 is good so I can recommend it. But I also do not know newer devices.

I believe the next supported device will be Xperia 10 II
I saw one commit in github which is hinting at this. It may take some time anyway as they need to support Android 10 as a base on top of a new device.


Hopefully a better one than the Xperia 10
The X is a far superior and would trade to have Android 8 in a heartbeat


I would love to see the 5G capable Xperia 5 II make it to the lineup!


I hope also of the Sony xperia 10 II because it have an amoled Display :slight_smile:

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Next device should be Xperia 10 II, there is a new repo called ‘Seine’ in You can check it there


Let’s hope support is fairly stable before the phone becomes unavailable.

I also think it will be the 10II. And i wait hard for it the Xperia 10 is a good Phone but the battery is way too small.
But I somehow hope Jolla is working on the 1II or 5II. The advantage is the two phones are almost equipped with the same hardware.
But I also hope, whatever they prepare, it will be soon coz once the 10/5/1 III will be released (rumors say early 2021) it will be hard again to get the “old” phones


Hopefully it could be this putative device. At the same time, I’d prefer a one year hiatus with adaptations to new Sony devices, and rather a better functionality for available models.

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I hope sony or other manufacturer where sfos would be officially possible to install, would make a phone as same size category as XA2 is. I have this xperia10 and it is way too long for my short fingers. I had to buy a XA2, it is ok to use for me.


There is a rumor that sony will introduce a new compact model.


I hope that Sailfish will support the camera capabilities of the next phone it will be ported to. A compact Sony with good cam and suffcient memory would be cool.


In a perfect world we would have a Jolla x Xperia collaboration on a phone where sony would have taken care of the camera stuff and have something WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY better and functional compared to what we have now. As of now the whole experience sucks.

Frankly, the camera and the Advanced Camera App on the XA2 are quite good - focus and white balance are typically fine and the image quality is also good. It is way better than the image quality the XZ3 with the community port provides. Of course, all the GAN and other AI stuff used by smartphones to compensate for the inherently low quality of the raw picture is out of reach for SFOS. Since I am sceptic of artificialy “improved” pictures in order to please the user, I am more happy with the XA2 camera than with the iPhone 10 camera (that for me is a nightmare).
Inherent RAW suppor would be something I would appreciate, though (even though raw images from smartphones initially look frightening)

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Only devices that Sony adds to their Open Devices Programme can be considered candidates.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed there’ll show up some compact models on that list and Jolla picks one up…


Its not about image quality. Its about speed, focus performance, available settings/functions and many other stuff.

see this thread about next Sony device New Phone on horizon?

Yes, but what if they aren’t available anymore? And what if telecom wants us to use VoLTE?

Don’t ask me :man_shrugging:
As it says in the title of the topic, this is all speculation.
Although: From Sony’s side the Open Device programme is a given requirement. What Jolla plans to do about the VoLTE issue is a different story. I’d say they surely are aware of the situation.