New Phone on horizon?

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partly agree. but still think main driver is: increase profits.

but we are off topic:)


To get back in topic, my 10 II is on the post now, time to replace the XA2 :slight_smile: found a good deal for a brand new device. Will keep it sealed in the box until the official support lands, otherwise it will have to go on eBay.

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how much ?


240£ for a blue dual-sim one. It’s coming to UK from US

nice price indeed !


Xperia 10 iii should be out soon (albeit with Android 11 and not being an open device initially). This should cause a drop for Xperia 10 II prices (may be not below 240 pound though)

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The phone has arrived. Now the “only” thing missing is an OS update :slight_smile:

just did a googleling and gigaset belongs now to 80% to some chinese fund: golden something


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To some Hong Kong entity, no? It makes a kind of a difference, to me at least.

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You are right. I did searching in Qwant and have read in Wikipedia that Gigaset is now for 70% owned by the Goldin Group, that is controlled by a Hong Kong businessman. Gigaset is listed on the German stock exchange. The phones are made (assembled) in Bocholt, Germany.
Sony is a global Japanese corporation and the headquarter of Sony Mobile is in Tokyo. Where the Xperia phones are made, I don’t know.
Nearly all brands are assembled in China, even the Librem 5.

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Sadly new open hardware is almost not available. I would be really happy with a risc gpu even without a gsm modem, like an Ipaq Pocketpc 2002, without fiddeling with hybris running on SFOS because of its userfriendliness to small screens.

I DO get my PCBs made in china, though the prototypes are made here (at 10 times the cost and with less clear lithogrophy) … most of the parts are made in china too, but… I have a bunch of parts (made 20 years ago) that were made in the netherlands :slight_smile: old stock is great. can’t beat old chips from philips!

and, yes, it sucks the Volla, as most phones do, but I’m using 3.4 on the Volla and it’s ‘OK’. Not great but better than the old Jolla phone. Gotta fix Fahrplan. The SDK was more reliable than it is now. Frankly, the Andoid 7 on my honor 5c was less resource suckage but that could be either SFOS or the 290.