New Phone on horizon?

My Sony X is running really smart and good. i like sailfish, but it is getting older and older. Many apps requires android 5+ or 6+. I like sailfishos, but were can i buy a new phone?

the xperia xa2 - only one shop for ~290 € in pink :nauseated_face:
the xperia 10 - only one or two shops for 290 to 499 €

is there any information that a new phone is on its way?
Its hard to wait without any information and there some good working os like grapheneos.


You can get some slightly better deals if you look around, for instance on Ebay. Anyway, exact same feeling here; I am also an X user wondering what to do for the future.

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i like to avoid ebay, because i have not had good experiences with ebay deals and phones. But same as you i’m wondering that jolla is not pushing any information about new phones.

The 10 isn’t available in a lot of stores nowadays, but you can get it for 199 at now.
Bought one last week, good upgrade compared to an X.

If you’re interested I have an XA2 Plus for sale.

@yomark thanks and good to know, but only ships to nl. :confused: didn’t sell the X10 -.-
@Deraiden its a good offer, but i had some bad experience and dont like used phones.

Volla Phone ?

Is a great option to choice Volla OS, Ubports or Sailfish!
Check out the specs of the Volla Phone:

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I got a second hand XA2 from eBay for ~50 Euros. One rarely noticeable dead pixel and a scratch but battery lasts forever. XA2 has some cool tech to save overcharging battery.

Jolla stated quite a while ago that they were looking for another device. Therefore, I would imagine there is another device on the horizon.


And of course, as always but the Jolla1, no human-sized factor phone… We live in an undesirable ugly-large-phone dystopia.


No Android support on the Volla phone though I guess?

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followed the link and ended on indiegogo.
really ? they still own me money for the toyota tablet. btw is that campain still in demand ?ö

never never again !!


finally closed


I’d like to know how your XA2 battery lasts forever. I have still massive problems to get over day even if the phone is idle…

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Same for me, after the update to 3.4 my battery life barely lasts a day, while with 3.3 2 days was the norm…

I had bad battery life since I flashed my XA2 wit Sailfish OS. But I start to wonder if this, has something to do with the said version first flashed on the phone. Resetting my phone to factory settings brings me back to 3 Sailfish 3.0.x, not to the actual one. That’s irritating, maybe the Sony parts from flashing process are different from older versions…

@Cryx and @cquence I flashed 3.4 directly. Even with things like Whatsapp in the background, battery will last days. There are notorious battery hogs eg the media player, browser occasionally, most Android stuff. But even with half an hour Opera for Android usage, the battery would still last two days.

It seems that the 3.3 to 3.4 upgrade was highly problematic and I’d probably suggest a fresh installation. On the other hand, it seems MicroG is awkward on fresh 3.4. Either way I’m happy to run through some stuff to contrast our installations, particularly if it will help debug the upgrade process.

I think something is wrong with yours. On average I charge my XA2 Ultra twice a week. On 3.4

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Availability of X10 II is almost non-existant right from the start.
I don’t think J should take efforts to support it.

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Decided to switch to “prefer 3G” as advised in a different thread - 13hours later I lost barely 30%. So it is definitely something related to 4G (although I am all day on WiFi). Anyway, this is OT for this thread.

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