New Charger boosted battery life by double

Since i got my X10III, I’ve used my old 2A charger to fill battery over night, and that have always got me about two days of battery and I was quite happy with it.
A few days ago I decided to buy a new 30W quick charger and plugged it in when about 30% battery left. Plugged it out at 100%, and now is when magic started to happen.
When writing this I am at the end of day 4 (fourth day) without charging, and sensor says 23% battery still! :astonished:

What is this? Am I getting crazy or is someone making a fool of me?

I will now charge over night and start logging battery consumption tomorrow morning.


Please read: [High battery drainage Xperia 10 III - #134 by Vince](

I get this amount of batery life when i am not using my phone much during the day.

Are you sure your phone was not connected to a pc or anything else?

(otherwise it makes sense, in you battery are now very strong electrons with more watts!)


No, no other physical connection but the charger. I ssh over wlan to connect to my phone.
You are right about not using the phone much, just a few phone calls and SMS’s and maybe looking something up on the internet a couple of times.
I didn’t know a stronger charger could expand battery time like this.

I doubt this has anything to do with the charger

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Well, it must have done something.

We need a physicist or and electrical engineer here :wink: I wonder if the issue is related to rate of charge and the charge sensing mechanisms? I don’t know the heuristics but can imagine that the battery was not being charged fully and now is?


There are relatively cheap USB power measurement devices, that can sum the power a device needs. So it could be checked if there is a difference in total power “consumed” while charging with the different technologies. At least that would be an indicator.

On example(!) as reference (i do not know the quality etc of the product and do not want to link amazon, therefore no hyperlink.)

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I think it is way more likely that this is just coincidence and got nothing to do with the charger. But lets see if this reproduces.

Probably correct thinking.

I appreciate your input but I am not going to buy more hardware. I am retired and living on a very poor pension, so I cant afford unnecessary things like this however interested I may be.
Besides that, I will not complain about my battery lasting four days instead of two. :wink:


Yeah, sure, I just wanted to comment on that if probably someone might be interested in further investigation.

Lets hope someone will, and also kindly report the outcome here. :slightly_smiling_face:

@eson returning to your initial post, am I right? Old charger charges power for 2 days of usage, new power charger charges power for 4 days of usage? So I can’t understand where the problem is, or did I misunderstand something?

There are things like BC 1.2, Smart Charge, Quick Charge for for USB chargers, phones and laptops. Cherger and device can exchange data to control charging current and I suspect, surely some things more. So there is the question if the X10III supports this or not.

edit: Question is also if the two chargers support intelligent charging technologies or not.

Right about usage time, though I have not tested old charger again, since I bought the new one.
There is of course no problem, it’s just inexplicable to me that it happened. It never came to my mind that it was possible to get four days out of the battery.
The new charger supports 30W PD technology, as the phone is.
The old one is… well, old. 2A charger from my JBL Charge2+ Bluetooth speaker.

It depends not only from the Watts of the charger but more if charger and phone is able to negotiate some charging parameters or not. The charging current affects only the time it will need until the battery is full. But full is full and this should not affect the time the phone works then with the charged power. I assume, intelligent charging methods may possibly charge more energy into the battery, so that operating time increases.

Maybe “full” for the old charger is not (yet) “full” for the new charger - due to what @poetaster has written. I know that my Xperia 10ii will keep much longer “100%” after charging with one charger we have at home than after charging with the other charger. Apparently, 100% != 100% .
However, I typically stop charging at 80% and then it does not matter which charger I am using, i.e. 80% = 80%
@eson maybe you could try charging to only 80% and then compare the range you get with the two different chargers

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As @Seven.of.nine notes, the phone’s battery is not being charged, the phone is charging the battery. If a phone can actually ‘use’ 3 Ampere is not a given, though I would guess the 10iii can. Probably it never draws more than 2+ because of the heat that’s generated. That the phone is doing voltage regulation and limiting drain to the battery is very probable. Often if a voltage drops too much a circuit that will have been performing a constant charge may drop or drop off entirely. A lot of DC circuits will ‘work’ for some measure of work but generally a higher voltage and a generous power supply are better. I have circuits that seem to work fine with 5 volt supplies, but really behave differently at 7+ (which gets us to the nearly universal 9v).

I wonder if it’s not a software thing :slight_smile:

To me the battery on my xperia 10ii lasts easily 3/4 days depending on usage.
I have noticed the screen brightness has a big effect on how long the battery can last. It seems to me the light sensor behaves erratically which might be causing the screen light to not go off when it should (lid closed for example).

Here’s the old and the new charger, if someone can get something out of that.