New Charger boosted battery life by double

The change in battery time seem to be permanent. Now the old charger also gives more then 4 days of for me normal use.
So it was just first time using the the new quick charger that did something to extend the battery time.

May i suggest the topic of the thread should include also the subject?

It would be nicer if the topic would say something about different chargers or something like that. Perhaps i’m not the only one who tends to forget the subject, and it would save a lot of clicks.



The charger didn’t change sh*t.
Stop the circus, please.

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Well, even you must understand that something happened when I first connected my new charger, or is you just as stupid as you are rude?

@Blumenkraft You are absolutely right. Topic was really bad.


A charger should provide 5V, and there is a stabilizer circuit inside the unit, called switching power supply that regulates the voltage rather exactly.

But everything in tech world has tolerances, so one power supply delivers 4,953V and another maybe 5,097V.

Because of the small voltage difference between the supply voltage and the accu voltage, this makes a remarkable difference. Additional voltage drop comes from different cables and USB plugs.

It is still way more likely that there was no real difference, but just an observed one.
Humans get tricked quite easy here, thus this is no offense to you, but i’ll just assume that there is nothing until i see this reproduced.

Correct me if I am wrong about that this only happened once for now and we don’t really know how big the difference really is and if there were other factors involved and that you cannot reproduce this anymore

Of course, I will continue checking this up, but I can see already, from Usage app, that I get four days again. This time from my old charger.
But okay, I’ll be back in a month or two with more facts.