High battery drainage Xperia 10 III

That feature is on the list, but I have no ETA for it at the moment. It’s also even more device-dependent feature, and figuring out the support takes a fair amount of trial and error.

you can set the colors manually in about:config, you only have to set display. Document.color.use to 2 (always use your settings, 0 is never and 1 is if the website “allows” it, which is rarely the case)


What I meant is to directly measure the current in the usb wires, not using the phones software/hardware…

Got to do a direct compare of (two) 10 III running android and sfos.
Phones were put into flight mode, and left overnight ( 8.25hours)
before after
X10 III Android 12: 91% → 90%
X10 III SOFS 4.4.72 77% → 72%
XA2 4.4.72(old) 100% → 98%

So probably fair to say that 10 III SFOS drew down 5x the current of either 10 III Android or the XA2
(I do not have Android app support installed. Location is off.)

More time has elapsed, and the Android phone has been out of flight mode
X10 III A12 FM 8hr,wifi+cell 27hr) + : 91% → 76%
X10 III SOFS (FM 44hr) 77% → 48%
XA2 4.4.72 (FM 44hr) 100% → 89%

So the SF 10 III draws more in flight mode, in a drawer, than the Android 12 does with wifi and cell running (and I am in a weak cellular location)

10 III had battery buddy running. Turned it off. 9hrs → 48%. i.e no change in %/hr

Turned them off for 24hrs
10 III 48% → 48%
XA2 89% ->89%
So no apparent drain when off.

It appears that Flightmode GPS performance similar to Android at first test.
Cold start acquire time >48hrs since last fix: 760secs. (Haven’t tried Android)
Re-acquire time after location turned off then turned on again
SF 45sec
Android 40sec (Android was restarted in flightmode, location off)

For comparison, some Android 12 running screen on current drains measured using GSAM battery monitor app. (Which has a lot of white screen)
Flight mode, Stamina mode, min brightness 108mA, mid bright 135mA, max 188mA
Stamina mode, 223mA
wifi,cell, not stamina,max bright, 262mA

And those are results in idle/sleep conditions, whereas it looks even worse under load. With average use it is not unusual for my 10 III to eat 1% every 10-15 minutes, which is crazy.

Blindly bought the 10 III after reading the blog post about it:

the amazing effort Jolla’s adaptation team has put into making the Xperia 10 III run as efficiently as possible
Source: Meet the Xperia 10 III with Sailfish OS | Jolla Blog

That, in combination with the huge battery and my experience with Sailfish OS so far, was very promising, more than one week of unattended runtime could be achieved. The 10 III is my most expensive phone. Mr. Mäkeläinen, I am disappoint.

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As for the following quote from that blog post:

“the amazing effort Jolla’s adaptation team has put into making the Xperia 10 III run as efficiently as possible (back in December an early Xperia 10 III adaptation was was losing charge 31% faster than the Xperia 10 II).”

having never owned the 10 II, I cannot say how much faster the 10 III is losing charge compared to it, but it definitely continues to lose charge SEVERAL times faster than the XA2 Ultra (which has battery of almost identical capacity as the 10 II). So I dare to say that this blog post was way too optimistic, at least in the power consumption and camera department where nothing has changed.

Have you visually confirmed there are no high energy consumption android app daemons running in the background for SFOS?

I do not have Android app support installed. Location is off. Flight mode is on. Developer mode is off.

Good job everybody!
I am thrilled how people are investigating to get good battery life back to our Xperia 10 III!

As I read through the posts in this thread, it seems obvious that the bug/problem is somewhere deep in the system …and display brightness and Android app support have next-to-nothing to do with the underlying problem.

Would be nice to know if Jolla have had their own findings on the matter and might we maybe still get som Christmas present in the form of 4.5 :gift: :crossed_fingers:
I won’t ask, otherwise it’ll get postponed by 1 week again :woozy_face:


May I ask wether there are any updates on this topic?

This is a major bug as far as I am concerned.
Do Jolla’s phones not do this?
If so, why not reach out to people who can test it?

It also appears that it is suffering from XA2 type erratic GPS behaviour. It seemed to work when I ran a quick test a while ago, but trying it today:

The phone has had GPS lock two hours ago (so it should have downloaded the ephemeris and be doing a warm start), and a couple of km away. GPS has not been turned off. The phone has not been turned off.
It is sitting here on the window sill, with cell signal, 25 satellites, 14 of which are green or brown strength (in GPS info), and has taken over 20mins without getting lock.
Android 12 X10 III gets lock in <1min in the same condition (with no network, no wifi for assist)

Taking it outside under a clear sky, it gets lock in ~1min

This is exactly the same issue my XA2 had: The phone sees many satellites, and more than sufficient signal, but cannot get lock unless under a clear sky. Unlike the XA2 case, I have two X10 III’s to compare side by side, so the Android is absolutely not doing this.

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I used my 10 III with the HUD app the other day, it took over a minute outside to get a lock. It’s not speedy, that’s for sure.

Can anyone who has tried mods to fix drainage (e.g. @direc85 , @JacekJagosz ), confirm what the idle (flight mode) drain is overnight, now?
(i.e change in reported battery capacity after 8 hours in flight mode)

This may be a bit off-topic but I have a similar problem in Xperia 10, SFOS 4.4.latest and several previous versions. Phone is not in use, no SIM card, Android not starting on boot, flight mode on and phone just laying in the drawer. Battery consumtion is about 10% / day. Full charge lasts about 9,5 days without any usage expect checking the battery every few days. The problem must be somewhere deep in the SFOS system itself.

One week passed, asking again, are there any updates?

Would be nice to know too. Mostly interesting would be Jolla’s progress on this…

My gut feeling is that the causes are buried so deep in the firmware binaries that there’s nothing Jolla can do. I read somewhere that another mobile OS on X10III based on AOSP and Sony firmware binaries has similar battery life, which seconds that guess.

I suggest asking the question in the IRC meeting to get an official word for it, but I’m afraid the answer won’t be a pleasant one…


There was a test in a finnish PC magazine and Xperia 10 III with Android had a very good battery life in it. Are the AOSP binaries used by Jolla different from Sony’s own Android binaries?

Sony, at least, uses completely different firmware binaries for real Android than what’s available in the developer site. They are developed separately, possibly to counter some legal issues, which means the “open” team may not have access to same resources than the “Android” team.

Only Android is a first-class citizen, which is very unfortunate.