Neuntrainer App

I have hacked together a little app inspired by the thread about adding words to the XT9 prediction [1].

Features/use cases supported at the moment:

  • Entering a couple of words in the text field
  • Selecting a word in the text field and learning it
  • Copypasting a phrase you have in the clipboard into the text field, and learning all words in it
  • Loading a text file from your phone and learning the words in it

Features that won’t be added (by me, Pull Requests are always welcome):

  • loading things from the net
  • better target language selection: I had an implementation which could detect target language from the current keyboard, but this does not work in SailJail so I dropped it

NOTE: it is unknown whether adding a large number of words to the database has a negative effect in some way. Use reponsibly. After all this is input text prediction, not a thesaurus or dictionary. If you need one of these, use one of these.

You can get it from Sailfishos Chum (best via the app, or at [3]).

You need a licensed version of Sailfish OS to install this, as it depends on the XT9 feature.

Source code and issue tracking available at Codeberg ([2])

[1] Q: How can i bring Predictive Text Input to learn a new word?
[2] nephros/Neuntrainer: A xt9 prediction training tool for Sailfish OS. Binary packages can be found at - Neuntrainer -