Q: How can i bring Predictive Text Input to learn a new word?

How can I bring Predictive Text Input to learn a new word? Is this possible ?

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I don’t know the answer, necessarily, but just wondering - you using xt9 or presage?

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The Jolla predictive text input.

In Presage powered keyboard, it is learning new words automatically. As for Jolla’s implementation, I don’t know.


I guess you could uninstall xt9 and install presage, and see if you like it better … From what I remember, xt9 was a little better overall, specifically with things like auto- adding spaces, capitalization, etc. Seems like presage is a bit “dumber” maybe.

I’m using Xperia 10ii with Jolla-xt9

Type out the following sentence containing this not so commonly used English word (or replace it with an uncommon word in your native language);

Jentacular jentacular jentacular

That’s it!, by the time you are halfway through typing the third word, you should see your new word appear in the predictive list.

EDIT: perhaps to actually finish typing the the third word and go on to typing it a fourth time. I can’t quite nail down the procedure, but it seems to be working at least for English.


I don’t think you need to uninstall xt9 to use Presage. They are exposed in different keyboards. Please correct me if I am wrong


sailfish sailfish sailfish sailfish …

works, sailfish is now predicted .

edit: It’s necessary to tap on the word if it’s displayed underlined, three times, after the 3rd time it is learned and will be suggested.
(Xperia 10 with Jolla Predictive Text input)

edit: works also fine in german language

Thanks very much @Edz !


Follow-up question:

Where are the words stored?

If its something editable one could pre-fill it with ones favourite curse words and such.


This question was already brought up here. The file is ~/.local/share/xt9/xt9.dlm but what’s the format?


Also: [question] Quick adding a list of words as a LEARNED words for custom vkb... - together.jolla.com

in which upstream suggests going through the input handler qml:

Learning words needs to go through the prediction library. Only interface at the moment is the qml one. If you want to hack for yourself, guess you can check Xt9InputHandler.qml and do some simple app that does acceptWord() parts.

Which sounds doable if there isn’t any way of editing that file format.
Or maybe something like headless keyboard can be abused to do it.

It would be wonderful if importing word lists from dict.cc would be possible.

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Well, you may join the free beta program of Neuntrainer :wink:

Separate post here, so this doesn’t go off-topic with discussion of the app:

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