Mobilepay now needs Google Play Services

The enshittification of Mobilepay has now progressed to the point that the “new” 7.2.6 (4401104) seems to absolutely require Google Play services, and won’t even start without it. Any suggestions, or do I just uninstall it?


Yeah, it just hangs after registration, even with MicroG installed. I’m going to remove it for now and try again after an it gets a few rounds of updates.

Grrr same here…Wonder what¨s happening in the background.
Should microg be updated?

Oof. I’m just glad I didn’t get into it in the first place. And I’m sure 100% of my friends using it won’t even notice/comment.

I once got a 33% discount on a beer because I didn’t have Mobile Pay…


I already have the newest MicroG installed, unfortunately.

Hmm… for me it started. But it’s slow, prone to crashing, and ugly. What a downgrade from the old app. I haven’t done any payments with it though.

I’m using MicroG.

EDIT: it started once, but now it seems to hang when I’ve entered my PIN :joy:

I have microg and for me it shows the app cover like it is supposed to but when I open it the screen is just black

Same thing with me. The earlier version of MB downloaded this morning let me in until it crashed and burned. Since then no success getting past the bounching balls. There was an updated version of MB which I loaded ~ 30 min ago, maybe there will be more hotfixes coming up today.

The newest microG being from October 28, 2023 and from the F-Droid repository?

Ha, at least third version today (4401112) downloadable from Aurora Store, alas still getting stuck after entering the passcode.

It’s good though that it doesn’t seem to have an actual check for the mandatory presence of the Google stuff.

Yeah, 0.3.0.x versions of MicroG installed.

Three updates a day indicates they are ironing a lot of kinks out, I think I’ll try again in a week or two.

Would it help to verify if it works on e/OS/. This is plain Android with MicroG, so we could verify if it’s really a gplay issue or an AAS issue.

I’ll have e/OS/ on my old XA2+ and would be willing to try it out, if you let me know which app I should install and if it works without account.

It is this app:

But you would need to register a user to be able to get to the point where the app fails for us registered users (soon after inputing your pass code).

Um. I got microG Services Core version on my phone, installed through F-Droid which claims that I’m up to date. But that seems to not be the case.

edit: ah, it indeed is the recommended version which I have

As I don’t live in Denmark nor Finland there’s probably no point to register.
So it would be up to someone else to verify if it works on a real Android phone without gapps.

It seems there is a major transition ongoing with MobilePay: Transition to One Platform | MobilePay Developer

MobilePay works fine for me in Denmark. Both my 10iii and my old XA2 are working. I just checked the versions I’m running.
XA2: Mobilepay v/5.31.0, MicroG Services: v/, MicroG Companion: v/0.2.1.
10iii: MobilePay v/5.25.1, MicroG Services: v/, MicroG Companion: v/0.2.1.

Just tested with

  • Xperia 10 with SFOS 4.5
  • MobilePay 7.2.10 (4401118)
  • microG Services
  • microG Companion

and got stuck after entering the app PIN like everyone else.

Microg companion 0.2.1
mobilepay 7.2.6
xperia 10 ii
sfos 4.5

Same issue here
but if this is microg issue, not much jolla can do

I think the issue may be visual in some way. When the screen freezes, by randomly tapping someplace I have occasionally managed to get various in-app views like “Create expense group” or a QR code reader or my own accoubt number shows as QR code while the app itself is unresponsive. The maximized app may be black but in minimized window I see that expemse group biz.