List of working Bluetooth devices

During last meeting that was the question about list of working bluetooth devices.
So we as a community can make such a list together.

This post is wiki so you can edit it and put here info about working bluetooth devices.

Do it in alphabetical order (by Manufacturer)

Headphones - Earphones

Manufacturer Model OS version
AfterShokz Titanium Bone Conduction 4.0
AKG N200
Anker Soundcore Life Q10 =>4.1.0
Bose QuietComfort 35
Bose QuietComfort 35 II
Bose SoundSport
Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Wireless 3.2+
Grado GW100
Jabra Clipper
Jabra Evolve 75 4.2
Jabra Jabra Talk 15 3.2+
JBL Endurance Peak II
JBL Endurance Sprint 4.0+
JBL Free X 4.0+
JBL Free II 4.0+
JBL TUNE 500BT 4.0+
LG HBS-730 4.2
Plantronics Explorer 500 3.4+
RHA Audio TrueConnect 2
Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT 3.2+
Sennheiser PXC 550 4.2+
Sony WH-1000XM3 4.1.0
Sony WH-CH510 3.2+
Sony WI-C310 4.1.0
Taotronics SoundElite 72 3.4.0
Taotronics TT-BR05 3.3+
Touch Two A1 3.2+
Valco VMK20
Venue S6HCW 3.4+

Loudspeaker systems

Manufacturer Model OS version
Argon Style Mini BT PCS 3.4.0 / 4.1.0
Bose Solo 5
Bose SoundLink Mini II
Denon AVR-X1400H
Denon Envaya DSB-250BT 3.2+
Denon HEOS1 HS 2
Hama Cones 3.4+
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 3.2+
JBL Clip 2, Clip 3 3.2+
JBL Flip, Charge, Extreme 3.4+
JBL GO 3.2
Marshall Acton 1 4.1
Medion MD 44067 4.1
Sony XB23 Extra Bass 4.1
SoundBlaster Free SB1660 4.1
Ultimate Ears Boom 1, 2, 3
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 1, 2
WE BT-WE 3.4+

Headphone/headset receivers/adapters

Manufacturer Model OS version
Nokia BH-111 3.2+
Shure BT1
Sony PSP-N270

Car Infotainment Systems

Manufacturer Software/Car Model OS version Hands-Free (HFP) Contacts (PBAP) Media (A2DP)
Audi Q5 (2019) 3.2 y y y
Citroën Spacetourer (2019) 4.0+ y y y
Hyundai i30(2015) y y y
Tesla Model 3(2020) 4.0+ y y y
Volkswagen ???(2021 Caddy) 4.0 (issues w/ pairing and connecting) y y y
Volkswagen ???(2018 Caddy) 3.4 (issues w/ pairing and connecting) y y y
Volkswagen ???(2014 Passat) 3.0 y y y


Manufacturer Model OS version Companion app
Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Amazfish
Xiaomi Amazfit GTS 4.0+ Amazfish

Other Bluetooth receivers/adapters

Manufacturer Model OS version
Focal Universal Wireless Receiver
Jabra Speak 510 4.2
Nuforce BTR-100 3.0+
Raspberry 3+,rAudio 3.2+
Rii K12 BT Mini Keyboard
Samsung TV Series 8 4.0+
Sony DSX-A410BT 3.2+
TP-LINK HA100 3.2+

It could be interesting to write a protocol explaining all stuff that must be tested (specifically with car infotainment systems), no ?

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I wonder if we should also list e.g. watches, with links to companion apps?

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If they have a native SFOS companion app then yes.

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Is there another way to test a microphone without calling somebody? App Audio Recorder seems to only catch the smartphone’s microphone.

It works also with my Tesla Model 3 2020 (Contacts and Hands Free). I will check Media also.
Also with JBL Free X Earphones Bluetooth is working flawlessly.
Also Watch Amazfit GTS with Amazfish App works without issues.

I use Sony Xperia XA2 Plus with Sailfish OS

@calinutzzz you can add to the table in first post. It’s a wiki post so you can edit it.

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@atlochowski Ok, thank you! I will as soon as I test media in the car to be able to provide also this information.

Removed the html formatting and made it slightly easier to put in information

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I must admit i’m quite sceptical to the usefulness of compatibility lists where the basic premise is that everything is supposed to work.
Often it tends to give the impression (to the casual observer) that most other things doesn’t, or are unlikely to work when they are just not tested. They also tend to go out of date, and not have enough details to realize when entries should be re-evaluated.

However! I do respect the effort, and have contributed my headphones/adapters to the list.
If nothing else, it will be a good test for my thesis.

I’m not even going to attempt to edit this in case I screw it up but … on 4.1 the phone connects to 2007 to 2016 era Land Rover and Jaguar cars (they both use the same system). It takes a few attempts initially but after its a saved device it connects to both cars without issue. Only thing working is hands free phone calls. Phone book access does not work and neither does last number redial, but making and receiving incoming calls works fine, although the volume is very low and you have to have both the car and the phone volume cranked up to max to hear anything.

I kind of disagree. Previously, the casual observer only saw the bug reports about devices which don’t work. It’s easy to get the feeling that the bluetooth doesn’t work at all if all you see is reports about it not working, while the reality is that for most devices it works fine.

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Sailfish OS version not car OS version

@jovirkku it’s a bluetooth devices list but JBL TUNE 500 doesn’t have bluetooth.

Corrected! Sorry for misunderstanding!

I did not add it. Let’s remove it, then.

Sorry, model is 500BT, fixed.

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Mercedes-Benz CLK350 MY 2006 - not working properly. HFP working for some time, then looses audio connection, while radio is still being muted. No button with headset symbol any more in phone app. No phonebook, no last calls list.

Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-D EU - same results.

Both with XA2 and 4.1.

And I am sure, that the CLK350 hast been working with V3, so something has been changed to the worse…

Yes. I haven’t detailed all the devices I’ve used yet, but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s ‘always’ worked.