List of working Bluetooth devices

I searched the phone from the Car Bluetooth search option (it took like forever to find it) and I connected from there. Once I did that it recognized automatically the phone. I have now 2021.40.6 in the car and Sailfish OS 4.3

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Sennheiser 350BT. Used since 4.1. Works ok (sometimes loses connection for a second or two), but does not use headset profile when used as hands free speaking device (ie. during phone calls)
This causes people almost don’t hear what I’m saying, so I can’t use it for calls.

After a few more erratic tries, I finally made it to day. I had to catch and confirm the screen with the security number. I haven’t seen this screen yesterday.

Another question: Do you have all the options in the Tesla app w/o Google services? I only have some basic functions available.

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I’ve added BOSE AE2W to the list, they worked on Jolla1 and work with Xperia 10 ii but as usual, there is stuttering for the first few minutes of connection then it seems to settle. I wasn’t sure whether or not to list headphones with ‘issues’ as the issue is not with the device but rather the way SFOS deals with it.

No, i have only the basic stuff.

What does this exactly mean? Are you able to access A/C settings from remote? I only see VIN, charging status and kms.

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I thought you are speaking about Bluetooth connection. For Bluetooth connection I am able to access my phone contact list and call/receive calls. That is it, no sync with calendar or no sms. Through Tesla App I am able to do everything, but that one is using internet connection. I installed the app from the Aptoide repository. Yes, is not latest version but you have everything. The only thing that is not working for me is using the phone as key, and yes for this you need Bluetooth. But I think this is known issue in Sailfish that for Android Apps or some Apps you cannot use the Bluetooth.

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Yes, Bluetooth connection is one thing and app functionality is the other. I might have been unclear by talking about both. After a few issues, I finally managed to connect the phone and are able to use the car as a hands-free set. I understand that the key function does not work since the app has no access to Bluetooth in Alien Dalvik.
Are you able to see the location of your car on the map in the app? This might be a Play Services issue.

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Sorry, I do not use google products so I do not know about location.

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I also don’t use them - that’s one of the reasons why I have a Sailfish phone :wink:
I just wanted to know if the location of the car can be displayed in your app. My app saays that Play Services are required for this and doesn’t display the map. Maybe this can be solved with MicroG.

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Same for me…it says that google services are required. I didn’t tried with MicroG, because I do not need the feature. Yes, is nice to have :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that Bluetooth Tesla Model 3 2021 is working the same way. I do miss the feature to use the phone as a key.

Off Topic, but as some Tesla drivers are here:
Does someone know how to get the calendar thingy in the Tesla car working so I can use the addresses in the Calendar for navigation? This should be a “software trick”, I guess. On AlienDalvik, I have installed Google Calendar and DavX to sync the CalDAV to Google Calendar, but this didn’t sync with the car, although I have checked the calendar sync in the Tesla app.
How about the notifications from the Tesla App? There is nothing coming through to SFOS, as far as I can see.
Did anyone get the summon feature going?

Thanks a lot in advance!


I can report a TP-Link HA100 working fine on a Xperia 10 and also Volla phone, both SFOS .