Jolla Store "My apps" shows only apps installed after upgrade(s)

REGRESSION: Yes - to my memory, apps were all there in Store, after upgrade.

This post is focused on an Xperia: the issues with a Jolla phone are mentioned as reference.

I upgraded my Xperia X to Koli and now Jolla Store shows only the apps I had removed before the upgrade and reinstalled afterwards. I thought I had messed up. Yesterday I updated my two Jolla 1. Something odd happened as well that convinced me to write here.

I have three phones (two dismissed Jolla 1, and my everyday Xperia X F5122); one week after Koli was available for everybody I upgraded the Xperia, using Olf’s “sfos-upgrade” for the first time. Since I am running “just tight” with the space in root’s partition, I uninstalled some apps, then proceeded with the update. After completing the update I went to reinstall the apps I needed, and when I looked under “My apps” I realised there were only those I had just reinstalled. I am quite sure I disabled all repositories in Storeman (which I use), and I remember checking that Storeman was up to date. Nevertheless, some doubts arose. After that, I looked around here in the Forum, and I ran “version --dup”. The whole process ran smoothly, but nothing changed. At that point I suspected I might have done something (or several somethings) wrong, and I ended procastinating any further “investigation” (phone is functional, after all).

This past weekend I decided to upgrade my two older phones. One, I just updated from the state it was. The other, I decided to wipe and reset completely; from there, I updated it through the several “steps” till v3.4.0. When finished, I only checked that the phone was working, but no more. I realised later that an issue similar to the one on the Xperia had happened only when I decided to play with Jupii on it. In fact, I can see only Jupii and TOH under “My apps”; yet, I can also see Clock being installed, under “Top apps”.

I think this is similar to this, with different OS version, but different from this one insofar things relate only to “My apps” and not to the whole store.


  • Checked that apps were up to date
  • Removed some apps to make space available in root
  • Disabled all repositories from Openrepos
  • Ran sfos-upgrade following instructions
  • Upgraded phone


  1. Upgrade OS ?


“My apps” showing all the apps marked as installed under “Top apps”.


“My apps” showing only the apps installed after the upgrade.



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Do you mean you didn’t use the normal upgrade method via Settings->Sailfish OS?

Also, am I correct to assume that the applications that you are missing are Clock, Calculator, etc.? The way you describe the bug is actually the way it should work, but I think I’m missing something. That is, “My apps” will show only the applications that you installed, nothing more than that.

I have the same situation with XA2. I also have a Jolla C which seems to be ok.

It’s possible to update apps if they aren’t up to date and this will make the app reappear im My Apps.

Edit: I upgraded the XA2 using the normal upgrade tool from settings. With Jolla C I used the sfos-upgrade script from OpenRepos.

I recall having a similar issue but restarting the phone seemed to fix it. If you haven’t restarted since the upgrade, it might be worth a try.

Perhaps you should all consider to update Sailfish OS the way it’s meant to, as opposed with third party scripts? :slight_smile:

The phone I have this problem with was upgraded in the normal way through settings.

And there are enough reports where the update was not offered through the settings menu!
My X was the same, fresh resetted to 3.3 but no signs of update to 3.4 (yes, I set up Jolla account. yes, I rebooted. yes, I waited two days). And also no update offered to 4.0…

Yes, I mean I used the sfos-upgrade script.

No, you are not. I am missing also some applications installed by user: mail, weather, media, utilities, and more…

Thank you mate. Unfortunately, I just restarted it, but to no avail…

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