Jolla Love Day 2

You know there still is poor people living on this world? And yet, owning a cell phone is vital, so for them cheaper hardware is essential.


My TV broke 7 years ago and I can’t afford a new one (don’t want one), I don’t smoke, have no AC. My temp is sat to 18 degrees already and my car is an old transporter that can hardly do 130.
I am very happy with my 230€ Xperia 10V waiting for Sailfish OS 4.6*. :wink:


10 V has minimal rounded corners like all previous models.

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Indeed. I sold away my Xperia 10 IV. And bought a brand new Xperia 10 V.

“Discover our most recent Jolla advancements”

I don’t know but ‘the most recent advancements’ sounds like to be in imperfect (i.e until this time period) … So it’s possible that the updates 4.6.0 might be delivered allready during this week No 20. :+1::shushing_face:

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I think the whole notch controversy may stem from how it’s utilized by the OS. Yes, having no notch at all would be better, but compared to having a larger bezel, you’re effectively gaining some screen real estate for free. Theoretically, you could turn a few rows black and have no visible notch at all. So, hardware-wise, it could offer more flexibility that could be used in some new, clever way if Jolla would put some thought into it.


I’m not sure why I would want to pay £1000 for a phone to do things I can do with a £180 phone (that’s what I paid for my Xperia 10V) without even noticing the difference, regardless of what I can afford or not.
The camera quality on SFOS would be abysmal ether way :grin:


you could use that part of screen as replacement for notification LED. No damage done if it burns in


Can someone tell if this only a livestream or can I physically attend the event? Thanks in advance.

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Check this link: Jolla Love Day 2 - The Jolla comeback Tickets, Mon, 20 May 2024 at 18.00 | Eventbrite

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Yes, you’re right. It’s a net gain, in some sense. But I don’t think there is anyway for the phone to know where the camera is physically located?!?

I would think that knowing the specific model number of the phone Sailfish is running on should suffice. The Xperia model lineup supported by SFOS is rather limited, so keeping track of physical details by the model number alone should not be much of a challenge.

Heh.I do not believe that anyone but @piggz tracks the model numbers of Gigaset phones :slight_smile: And, my guess, models older than his daily driver are quickly a distant memory :slight_smile:

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@rainemak Will the on-location event start at 5:30 PM or 6PM?

I assume not food will be offered I just need to be sure before making plans about dinning elsewere beforehand.

It starts 18:00 EEST

There will be simple finger food and drinks available at the venue.

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Unbelievable how excited i am. I will watch from home.

All of thaht with 5G inside ! …

I did it a few times before on Peertube, and it works incredibly well! I self-host (, and it’s actually really simple in maintenance so far.

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Starts in 10 mins.