Jolla 2.0: Jolla’s former management purchased Jolla’s business, IP, and software assets from Jolla Oy

All i hope is proper hardware. :zipper_mouth_face:

Also i want to add that to build all the “Cloud, Progressive web apps, AI, blockchain security, zero knowledge proofs” stuff you need a pretty solid foundation and SFOS is not in that state.

In other words it needs a lot of ground work.


Great news! Keep coming!

As someone who’s quite into zero-knowledge (on a cryptography level) and quite opposed to a lot of blockchain projects, I’d like to take the opportunity to say that Zippie is doing quite some cool and fancy things. Blockchain projects are rather often complete scams and ponzi schemes, but at least I do have some close contacts with people at Zippie, and I can say that they actually know what they are doing.


Yep, I don’t mean to be negative, but I am, so that’s how it comes across. Usually, my negativity is confounded by unconnected means and not by searching for the narrative I want to fit.

I am actually really pleased about this latest news, as is does mean that I don’t feel to much, or rather should I say think that I’ve wasted 10 yrs hanging around the SF forums while owning 2 x Jolla1 and my current Sony Xperia 10II, I can’t really fault it or the OS for my limited needs, but the browser I don’t use very often but when I do, it seems to fail me, which can be a bit demeaning at times.

If anything at all, SDK is the most problematic for me where all things SailfishOS are concerned, it’s become unusable after a few months of use, so uninstall/reinstall, allow lots of resources in VirtualManager and get on with pretending to be a developer…mumble, mumble. TAXI…!!

I love much more about SailfishOS than any other OS I’ve used, although I think quite highly of MeegoOS as it was my first introduction on the Nokia N900, I’d never seen a terminal before and set about bricking the device with regular monotony, so I jumped at SailfishOS when it came about, have never pre-ordered anything before…I’m glad I did, here I am!!, so forgive my negativity and perhaps even my snippy comment about management, no one is dying here :wink:

By the way, the jellyfish thing is great, spent way too long looking at that today, literally. // not sarcasm, but positivity!, yay!, I can say positive sh*t, sometimes it takes someone else to really point it out in a subtle, somewhat caring manner!, you made my day!

The other link from @robang was good as well, that too much screen/battery time, but fascinating for 10 minutes at least! <-----negative or positive?, you decide, as always, I can’t always be right! :laughing:


I hope so because a vulnerability in the decentralized identity system or even worse in its protocol could lead to a lot of troubles included fraudulent money and assets transactions.

I am not an expert of these kind of systems nor about Web3. For my little experience the current most common problem in the implementations of this kind of approach (distributed or decentralized) is their difficulty in scaling up. And scaling up, is a problem that affect also the SFOS app framework.

However, less likely - because rarely I am interested in - I have found that Android applications - even those are supposed to be developed by senior professionals - leak data. In the best cases, not because the networking but related to breaches or bugs into the local system (usually a commercial flavor of Android) due to the high fragmentation. That leaked data became available to others apps or the user.

Obviously, I am referring about apps that have been designed to keep all data protected with strong cryptography and it is about apps that are related to services for which privacy is their core business.

If someone like me that have not a specific training in penetration test and on mobile systems, stumble into these leaks - we can imagine what can do a team of black hat hackers. Fortunately - sarcasm - these people invest their time to catch big fishes.

This is the dark side of scaling up - more users, more value at stake - is that as bigger as the reward grows, higher the risk increases of being a target.

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@Edz wrote this post few minutes ago:

It is about the SFOS default browser, regular crashes experienced by few users.

apparently, it’s all nonsense according to @attah, if it is nonsense, why has it made a clear difference to my browsing experience, really clear.

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If that is the case, then it really should be investigated. Unfortunately, I’m not the man to do it.

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thanks, robang74GPT!

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Considering that first automotive cockpit included the underlying embedded system, I developed in 2001 by myself for an automotive company apart the CAN driver that Alessandro Rubini did, I can beat ChatGPT in every way you can imagine and in other many^N (where N is the Avogadro number) that you cannot even image… :rofl:

Frankly, I’d prefer if Jolla does not get mixed up in any of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency hustle. The entire space has left a bad taste in my mouth over the years, and I truly believe that there can be no good or ethical player in this space. It’s turtles all the way down and, quite frankly, I’d prefer if all of it would stay in its own lane. It’s bad enough that Bitcoin brain has infiltrated places like Bogleheads and traditional investment advice areas on Reddit as something supposedly legitimate, when it’s simply Greater Fool Theory at work.

Seeing this bit about Saarnio does not instill confidence. If the blockchain and crypto bros start to infiltrate the new Jolla and push Sailfish OS into a web3 direction, I may end up bouncing from the project entirely.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to this.

EDIT: To be clear, if any individual wants to engage in the cryptocurrency gamble, that’s their right and I’m not going to tell people what to do with their money. My concern is more around the promotion of all this activity and all the ridiculous hype. I’d prefer if Jolla remains crypto and blockchain agnostic.


Frankly, I’d prefer Jolla not to listen to the community seeing how the whole of community can’t grasp the concept of ‘don’t feed the troll’. The concerns of people who got burned on crypto investments… Meh. Both blockchain and AI still haven’t gotten their killer app, so if that brings money to develop the OS further, lets go. To the moon or whatever, definitely better then ideas like expecting everyone to start paying monthly 10 bucks for… Idk forum membership, or upgrading libxyz from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2, those ideas are ridiculous


Whilst I too have no interest in blockchain/cryptocurrency stuff, it will surely all be effectively optional. My browser, Opera, has all of it plus AI, but it’s all separate DLLs and practically invisible.

It doesn’t sound like Saarnio has any great expectations for the consumer market, but it’s obvious the new user experience sucks even more than it used to. Getting SF with WhatsApp et al and Storeman or Chum preinstalled on phones is a no-brainer. Buy the Xperias in bulk and sell them yourself if need be.

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If I got the main message right, then the focus is on privacy and continuing the great UX of SFOS. This is fantastic and maybe we get also soon our weather app back in working condition. Look at Volla and their latest Volla X23 it’s sold out now and the reason is that increasingly more people want privacy and no Google-Android/Apple phones at least as private device. I believe Whatsapp et al. shouldn’t be on a SFOS device but it’s your own risk to install it. You could tell your contacts to move on to Signal or Telegram if they haven’t moved there already. I know in Finland and other Scandinavian countries, people think Whatsapp is a must to have but you can perfectly live there without it.


I think Jolla should not make the mistake of big manufacturers and always try to implement new trends (latest shit :grinning:). In the past, it has repeatedly been shown that this is often the wrong path (e.g., the voice assistant hype, constant change of the GUI for fashion reasons, force the user into the cloud.). Google and Apple don’t reinvent the wheel, they just act like they do. With the limited resources that Jolla has, they should focus on their core competence because neither the market nor the users need another Android or iOS copy. Otherwise, they might end up going down the path that Microsoft took with its Windows Phone.


The UI needs a bit of a refresh and corrections/polish and i don’t see it as a bad thing jolla offereing some sort of “cloud services” (for a price). Ie ablility to backup your home and restore or setup a new device using that. Or more storage for people that need it, or some sort of dynamic dns for people that want to use their own cloud, or a vpn service etc.

BUt as i said before SFOS needs a lot of groundwork before all the fancy stuff.


Blockchain and privacy are not compatible so it cannot be all three together.
I will not join any cryptocurrency. What I would like to see from the JollyBoys is a more stable OS, more customer friendly. That means a flashing service like Duval has with his Murena phones, updates with less bugs, and other devices than Sony only. All Sony devices have the same narrow ratio, which means cropped up texts etc.
Personalisation is something I try to avoid and until now that works well. So I am not waiting for personalisation by AI either. To me it seems more important to improve the existing OS rather than dreaming of extravagant features.
Remember we were once promised by Jolla to be able to mirror to tv. That didn’t come. So at our home we still stream with that little box from Apple tv.

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Yes, and an easier way to import/export contacts saving notes, etc.

All those AI and crypto sh*t - please, Jolla -o’kay, but do make 'em optional. Otherwise I shall be forced to leave…


Very happy about the news!