I tried something instead of moaning!

In a recent post, I answered with some negativity mainly surrounding the crashiness of sailfish-browser, at least 6 or 7 people seemed to agree, so for those and others, if it was regular crashes you experienced, I did the following;

devel-su pkcon refresh sailfish-browser

…and for good measure restarted lipstick.

After visiting the few forums I use, I found no matter what I did, how fast I scrolled, open, closed pages, back page, forward again, I couldn’t make the browser crash, this is really fkin nice!, albeit, somehow, I’m still expecting a crash, which once in a while is acceptable with any browser, just not every time I use it. The juice is worth the squeeze!!..oh, wrong forum!


You do realize this actually does nothing to the browser?
You are refreshing the package cache (only!), and putting a nonsense ignored argument to that command.


oh, really?, seems to have made a lot of difference.

I appreciate your input attah, you usually make sense, what’s nonsense or snake oil to you seems to have made a difference for me, a case of speak as you find. I don’t bother to post unless I think it has value, but you seem to like being a little bit shitty with many of your responses to others.

Try being a little kinder when replying, perhaps explain why it is nonsense or ignored?, I’m interested to know, broaden my mind please…gawaaan, you know you wanna!


Use strace and check on virgin (or problematic) system what really

does. Sometimes, the manual is not complete, correct or updated.

In this case, refresh updates the package repositories and:

  • should ignore everything else


  • it would provide an error because sailfish-browser is not a repository (excluded)


  • it might refresh the repositories and update the package sailfish-browser


  • the manual says NO, it is impossible and I wrote the manual and the code.
  • Yes but with a wrong IF condition.

In some other cases:

  • the refresh does not make any difference as expected but…
  • restarting lipstick after the boot made the difference

System test are tricky as trickier as the system became complex and the users-base grows. Usually not in linearly manner but exponentially. Guess what? In well designed systems complexity grows linearly or less likely than linearly… :wink:

Sadly, refreshing the pkcon cache does not seem to do anything for me. The known issue webpages still crash the browser.
Restarting lipstick does free some memory, I guess, so that might impact something?

Reminder to self. Compare crash behaviour GS5 vs. Rephone (4 vs 6 GB). I’ll need to set up a table of crash pages. I think we have enough links lying around here somewhere.