Issues reverting xperia 10 plus to android. Any ideas?

Now that I have bought a shiny and new 10 II I was looking forward to reverting my older 10+ to android (as yo use my polar band and IR camera with it and SFOS with the new one) and formatting the new phone to SFOS.

So I follow the instructions on but when connecting the phone to emma the phone appears to be recognized for and instant and the all info is greyed out and a warning sign says “No available services matched the connected device”

So I can’t flash the 10 II to SFOS until I get the 10+ back to android… any ideas?

Take a look at robthebold’s post.


Cheers! Will take a look at it…

Or also this one here (which just came in) as continuation…

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I had the same issue (I think) - XA2 EMMA Recovery - 'No Matching Services'

I used NewFlasher to get it into Android, but WiFi wasn’t working (apparently if you install Android 8 first (for an XA2) it’ll work), so then I installed a custom rom such as Lineage. It works fine, but I was hoping for a Sony image.

Peter my phone was re-flashed to android perfectly now I can move all the android crap there and try to flash my 10 II to SFOS, I am very grateful for your help, best wishes from Costa Rica!

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