Xperia 10 II Update to Android 11 before flashing SailfishOS

I bought a Xperia 10 II with an already unlocked bootloader. Because it’s recommended to first upgrade to Android 11, here are the some steps I did to archive this goal.

  • Verify that your device has developer mode active
  • Branch a USB-C data cable from your laptop to your phone
  • Check that your phone is recognized by your computer with adb devices. If not, than check your settings and your cable
  • Execute following code on your laptop : adb reboot bootloader
  • Execute fastboot oem lock
  • Execute fastboot reboot
  • Wait a long time, your data will be erased
  • Android is now started and your phone has a locked bootloader. You can then apply OTA update through Sony Companion or over the settings

Once Android 11 is installed, then you can unlock the bootloader once again and follow jolla’s documentation to install SailfishOS.