Is There a User Guide?

Ok, dumb question maybe, but is there a user guide for Sailfish OS? Something I can read before deciding to dive in?

There is the old Jolla user guide:
That is Sailfish OS 1.x (we’re at 3.x now) so some things are a bit different these days. It has the basic ideas though.
I couldn’t find anything else for now.

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You may take a look at this thread…

Thanks very much, I’ll go and check those out.

I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but you could also get an idea by watching some feature videos. Here are a couple (both a bit old now, but they still give an idea). You’ll find a bunch more videos on both the official Jolla and Leszek’s YouTube accounts.

Jolla’s Tips & Tricks:
Leszek’s Tips for Beginners:


Thank you! Folks here are really helpful, appreciate it.

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Linking to a collection of useful links, including the ‘user guide’ ones.

and if we still had the power I’d close this answered :wink:

@david.giffin you can do this, I think. I have seen this in other Discourse forums.

No idea how to do that, sorry!

It is explained here:
But maybe the plugin is not enabled? If so, it should definitely be given that most will come from

I asked here: Is the Solved plugin enabled (for marking replies as solutions and topics as solved)?

I don’t see the “Solved” button, so an guessing it’s not enabled.

It is enabled now!

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