Is the Solved plugin enabled (for marking replies as solutions and topics as solved)?

IMO this would be great to have, given most people will come from TJC/AskBot.

Plugin information:


Yes, we have that plugin installed. It’s just that we haven’t decided which categories we should enable it on. Any opinions?

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Why not on all of them?

If I look at the category, I can think of a question for almost all of them. Most also have the word “question” in the description. Maybe opt-out for Announcements?

Definitely for ‘bug reports’.
But I would say as paulvt above: all.
As this is not a must-do but can do. So we may have some topics with that ‘solved’ some not. And for all categories there may be topics for which that flag would make sense.

I would expect many - perhaps most - topics to be discussions, proposals, announcements, discoveries, tips, possible future developments, whinges, etc, and to not have a ‘solution’. The big official release posts were not questions (I assume these will continue) and attracted comments and answers indiscriminately.

Whether there’s a need to distinguish questions from not-questions I don’t know. You can’t identify non-answered-questions without it, but I don’t know whether that’s an objective.

It would be good for a bug to be markable ‘solved’ when it’s fixed/found not to be a bug/no longer evident.

If you try to limit questions to some categories folk will be unaware or ignore that anyway, so maybe not worth trying.

But as @peterleinchen mentions, it is purely optional. If someone asks a question, then he/she/they can mark what was the thing that helped them as solved by that reply. This doesn’t mean that “solved” needs to be done for all posts.

Also, if you look at the categories: Beginners ("[…] troubelshooting"), Platform Development ("[…] questions about system packages", Locatisation ("[…] come up with solutions"), Design (“questions and proposals […]”), Bug Reports, Store QA (QA as in Questions & Answers), General (“If your question […]”). It is all about questions, this probably why Jolla went by AskBot in the first place?

Anyway, I ran into this in the Beginners category where we want to mark the solution as solved.
I’ll leave it at that.

QA == quality assurance, I think.

I think ‘Question’ there should be ‘Topic’. It’s old thinking. Askbot was a Q&A site, Discourse is a forum. Askbot had Questions, Discourse has Topics.

I wrote about this here:

Let’s forget about askbot and move on!

Yes, we are moving on (to the past) if we do not use the best out of Q&A (which was/is not the worst for special use cases) and the forum world.
I missed such feature badly in vBulletin, e.g. have a look at this thread
and find the correct answer for non-CSSU users without looking at the edited OP with links to the solution post(s). And this is even not that long, there are lot of other examples…

So I vote for having this activated.

I don’t think we disagree as much as you think we do.

IF the topic is a question, it’s useful to signal a solution.

BUT many topics are not questions, so don’t force them into a question + answer model.

That’s all.

How this might relate to this plugin I don’t know. The Discourse sites I’m familiar with, such as don’t seem to use it - or not obviously.


Yes, that might be :slight_smile: It i s just you are expressing it (as I do) to the contrary side, aren’t we?

I also have no experience with this plugin but to me it seems like an option to use. Not forcing anyone to use it. If it goes into that direction (old Q&A mode) then I agree to you.
But @vige why not enable it for ‘bug reports’ and then let us all see how it evolves?

The solved plugin should be enabled now on all categories!


As you can see as I marked my post :wink:

Nice. Thank you.
So this solution button is only seen by the creator of the topic (and ofc admins), right?

That is correct, only op and admins can mark posts as solutions.

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