Is it safe to update my xperia x to version 4?

i’m still on version 3.4 on my xpiria x and i read alot of bugs and stuff that stopped working in version 4 and i’m afraid of updating my phone because of that, its my main phone so i have to have it working

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In this thread a Jolla dev said they were expecting the next release to be in April, and I guess they fixed a few things there.
If I were you I’d wait a bit. If it’s not in April, it can’t be long.

If you’ve got stuff that absolutely, positively has to keep working, doing the slow upgrade path is reasonable. I know I do that a lot. But . . .Koli has been a nice upgrade. In my case I upgraded my X instead of re-installing. I believe a number of issues resulted from fresh installs of Koli with the new “defaultuser” user instead of “nemo” breaking apps where the home directory name was hardcoded. If you’re upgrading, these won’t affect you (but a bug fix OTA release of SFOS won’t fix those particular bugs either. :frowning: ).

Edit: My brain reminds me to mention that some other stuff breaks due to more stringent permissions. E.g., screenshot utilities won’t work anymore (at least not with a tiny bit of developer mode hacking). This is another example of issues that a bug fix release of SFOS won’t address.

Hmm. Thinking about that, you might want to make a list of your mission critical apps, and check the Jolla store or Open Repos feedback to see if anything you rely on is reported broken by the more fundamental changes to SFOS. If there are apps that you need that got “broken” by OS changes that require an app update to fix, you may need to hold off indefinitely until the app is patched or replaced.

I am still on I have test device, where I upgraded to 4.0.x and decided to stay back and wait.

I did update one of my two X10 's from 3.4 to by the automatic update function. The other one did not see the available update so I had to update by command line interface. In the end both phones are successfully updated, and the standard user name is still ‘nemo’ (which I prefer explicitly…).

My feeling is, the phone works much better now. Especially regarding to the usability of the Tethering/Mobile access point and the VPN connection.

From my point of view, it’s OK and there is no reason to not upgrade.

edit: can it be that the new ‘defaultuser’ only occurs at a complete new installation of SFOS V4.0.1.48/45?

I have a 5122 dual sim that is upgraded to

  • Problem with 2 SIMS - not working at all
  • Noson app doesn’t work properly for local library (something I use every day)
  • WLAN and BT both have problems randomly going zombie. requiring hard reboot to correct
  • BT connections to vehicles still very hit and miss.

I think otherwise is runs fine. I use it daily and the two Android apps I have work OK.

Yes, it is exactly like that.

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What exactly is important to you? We can easily confirm whether that works or not in 4. Mine has been on 4 for a while and don’t have many complaints.

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i sadly need whatsapp for work and other stuff so i have to have the android layer to work, need gps but thats isn’t a thing in sailfish for a while now, the other stuff is just daily things which are less important like firefox few games and reading software

Whatsapp and Firefox for Android have been working from day 1 for me on Xx. The Android layer/version hasn’t changed, so I wouldn’t think that you would be risking too much here.
Regarding GPS, you would be right thinking that things like OSM haven’t worked from day 1, but they are now updated so can be used, too. If you let us know what program you are using for GPS navigation/maps, we may be able to expand further.
Always bear this in mind, though: each device can be customised very heavily, especially with things that come outside the official Jolla Store (like OSM). If it doesn’t work for you, you may need to reflash, which often takes time. There are several reports with workarounds here, and the community will try to help if you bump into any problem.
Having said all this, if the Android layer is the most important for you, unless you have done funky stuff to it, it should just work ™.

That is my understanding, and exactly what happened when upgrading my Xperia X vs a fresh install on new(ish) XA2 Ultra.

I’ve noticed as well that the VPN on SFOS 4 doesn’t have “senior moments” like with SFOS 3, when it would drop a connection and as if to add insult to injury, claim it forgot the credentials. That was a serious PITA, since getting into my password manager while VPN was prompting me for password required some fancy fingerwork.

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I use SF since it came out for the Xperia X and found every update to be a vast improvement. You will always read a lot of complaints about things not working properly but you will have to dig deep in the release notes to find all the improvements and bug fixes.

I once forced officially incompatible patches into my system and had to reinstall.

I personally stay away from early access releases.

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@WT.Sane, it depends on the use cases. As mentioned before I have an equal Xperia X device as a test device and when I can not successfully go through my testcases there, I simply do not upgrade.

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Yes, forgetting the credentials was a big problem in older version. It seems to be repaired now. It works good now, and also establishing the connection is much faster than before. For this a big Thank you to Jolla!!!

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one thing i saw in the post about the update is that i need to uninstall sysmonitor, why? i literally have it on 24/7

any clue of the above? i want to do the update before the newest one comes out of early access

Does this

answer your question?

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that is 4.1 not 4.0.1

4.0 or 4.1 does not make any difference in this case. The “breaking” changes where introduced in 4.0.
Just make sure you have installed the latest version of System Monitor before upgrading. And in case you are still using the original version from Basil, there should be no problem at all.

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i really cant tell which version i have because it says i have it installed on both of them in storeman