Is it safe to update my xperia x to version 4?

Just consult the about page: 0.6-46 is my latest version. If it does mention my name you will probably have the original version from Basil of a fork from Rinigus. Which have also no issue.

I’m in a somewhat similar situation. When was released I downloaded it, but then decided not to install it as using the wifi hotspot was the only internet connection I had, so I wouldn’t risk bricking the phone.
Now my XA2 single SIM is on and is ready to install on the phone. Is that safe to install or is there a way to go directly to .48? Delete the downloaded package or something maybe?

@tanghus: No need to install - just search for a later update (that is: with the pulley menu of Settings > Sailfish OS updates. Download that. And install. Once done, your phone will be ready for the 4.1.0 update.

Problem is that I had already downloaded and now the only entry in that pulley menu is “Install”.

Hi @tanghus!
Maybe you could try “sfos-upgrade” from openrepos by olf. I always do my upgrades with that. With that you can specify the version you want to upgrade to.
Hope I could help. Brocheolus.

edit: You just have to do a bit of reading how to use it but if I´ve managed it then you will also do.


Thanks, I will have a look at it.

just pulled the trigger and its working, have not found any difficulty yet, atm i’m updating my brand new 10ii(literally take days for some reason) cant wait to get that on sfos and move from the aging xperia x

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so after using 4.0.x for a while i can certainly say that i wish i stayed in 3.
this update made my phone almost unusable, it is very very slow now. in 3 it was stable and smooth as a daily driver.

On my two phones, 4.1 works better than 4.0 did in the time I used it. I had my problems on 4.0 and so I did activate early access updates in my Jolla account and updated first to and a week later to Both phones now running perfect.

@windir Maybe you should create a separate topic describing your problems in more details? I’m still on 3.4 and your comment doesn’t exactly make me want to upgrade to 4.x.

@tanghus it works just much slower don’t know why

@windir But a separate topic could give a better chance for you to find out what’s wrong. But it’s up to you of course :slight_smile:

don’t know really what to post in it, and also i have a x10ii with AD now :slight_smile:

@windir so you have two phones where one works ok? Or do I misunderstand you?

i bought the x10ii as soon as i could when SFX came to it, i flashed it yesterday and few hours after that AD released
i’m playing osrs on it as we speak

And no problems there?

seems slow?, only a few software on the open repos was ported to 64bit, some android software still don’t work, but overall i’m quite happy with it

not alot, nothing that is so hard that makes it undriveable as daily driver
been using it nonstop