Is it just me, or has Android internet connection degraded in Verla?

Same here,
Hardware: XA2 Dual SIM (H4113), UI language: German
Reboot fixed the problem temporary.

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You don’t need to reboot, restarting (Stop/Start) Android support via Settings-System-Android App Support does the same job, keeps the native apps running and is a lot quicker.

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Same here (only occurred to me since 4.2 on a Xperia 10 ii) - stopping and restarting Android Support brings network connection back to Android apps

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I have a new Xperia 10 II, and so far only connection issues I have had have been when switching between wifi and mobile data. Mobile data connection has so far worked flawlessly. Might be because I have a freshly flashed Verla on the phone.

On my previous Xperia X I experienced a lot of connection issues when ever I switched between mobile stations. I had to turn mobile data off and on or switch to airplane mode and back to get it working again.

Whenever I flashed back to android, used it a couple of days and then flashed SailfishOS, it worked for a while until the next Sailfish update, after which problems started again. Might be that something in Sailfish’s update process breaks the mobile data connection.

Also interestingly enough I had less problems with switching between stations if a had an established data connection, for example when I was playing a video. When the data connection was idling it was more likely to drop the connection between stations.

Xperia XA2: I never had this kind of trouble, since Kvarken every day … pfff

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thx for the hint!

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I have this on an XA2 Plus:

Massive issues on 10 II up to the level at which SFOS is usable on mobile data only, as any switch to/from WIFI will result in the phone being offline, both in Android AND Linux. Fix is to reboot.

XA2 Ultra works much better, but still experiencing disconnects.


Had an Xperia X till yesterday and since today a 10 II as a daily driver. I’m really disappointed about this bug. On Xperia X everythg works and on Xperia 10 II I had problems the whole day, both with Verla. After a phone call the mobile connection is gone too.
This bug should be tracked by jolla immediately. It’s a pity to pay 50€ for a phone license to get an non working phone…

Pls investigate!

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Sailfish OS at Xperia XA2: Android apps after some time seem to stop resolving DNS,
temp fix:Settings->Androidtm App Support->Actions->Stop, wait until Start button is enabled, press Start button, as mentioned by Is it just me, or has Android internet connection degraded in Verla? - #15 by jollajo

Are you in a country where 3G support has ceased, for instance Germany? This would explain why the mobile connection is interupted in case of a voice call: the phone needs to switch to 2G for voice calls since there is no VoLTE support yet.

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Yes, i’m in Germany with E-Plus. I’m not sure if this is a 3G thing only. On Xperia X everything is working, but 10 II looses the connection when switching from wifi to mobile network and after phone calls for a while. Today it was a little bit better, but I still had to reastart android service after leaving my wifi at home to be online again.

I can cornfirm that 4.2 causes more trouble WRT data connections and mobile network than 3.4 does. The temporary loss of a mobile data connection during a voice call appears to be inevitable to me as long as there is no VoLTE. However, reconnecting (i.e. switching back to 4G and establishing a new moble data connection) takes way too long. And then there is the loss of network access for Andriod apps from time to time …
There is some room for bugfixes, I guess

Same here, I virtually can’t use internet on the phone when at work and the company lately either restricted access or the phone can’t connect to the wifi anymore as it happened after the 4.2 update due to a low signal that fluctuates between none and 60% of 4G. 3G network in the area is not present and 2G has about 20% which takes ages to load a page in the stock browser because Opera won’t work. This was caused by one of the pre-4.0 versions and getting worse with every update. XA2 is the phone…

I’m also having issues with internet in Android when going out/in and changing from wifi to 4g and vice versa.

Yes, I’m getting What’sapp texts the next day. This is not an issue this a freaking disaster!!

In xperia 10 I have a more curios issue. In wifi, some applications like browser after a while stop working until I restart the android layer. Other applications like whatsapp are not affected by this.
And maybe it’s all related but sometimes wifi stops working after a time you are connecting and disconneting although it is connected to the wifi. This issue needs a full reboot.
Conclusion, for now wifi connection is useless

I have the same issue. It happens with wifi and 4G. I thought it was related to “Situation”, I switched it off, and issue is still there…Over 3 years, this is the first time it happens.
Hardware: XA2
UI language: French

thanks in advance for your support

Next time you are in that situation, could you try whether it is to do with what I reported above? I know it is not an answer to your problem, but I would like to hear comments from other users if they happen to come across the same issue as I did e.g. Internet services with IPv4 do not reply but ones with IPv6 do?

Nevertheless the connectivity issue is a quite bad show stopper as a basic everyday smartphone feature and at least I am waiting for a a fix to be available soon or i’ll revert back to Android for good.


Might be easier to revert to Kvarken, it was noticeably more stable and usable. I want to do it, but the thought of having to reflash everything and then sorta-kinda restore from bits puts me off.