Improved Calendar Design

Like the idea as well. I am using SF OS only, without Android support.

Would like to see a “search” field for existing entries.

@Raymaen When did your calendar stop syncing? Maximum two weeks ago? CalDAV or NextCloud account?
So did mine, discussion (in German) here:

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Syncing on Android layer stopped working after an Update. I think it was 3.1 or 3.2. and after the 3.3 Update even the Sailfish Calendar stopped working (while on Xperia X it stil is working fine!?) . I needed a patch to get it work again. I got some help from @dcaliste. this will be included in the upcomming update.

I use Fruux for sycing. before the Syncing problems I had my Calendar synced on android an Sailfish Layer as well, so I could see the daily events in the eventscreen and hav a nice overview in the Android Calendar. too bad we have to work like this to get a nice usable Calendar…

for the mentioned patch see what I did here.

there is a Bug that has been detected by Jolla. so if you install the patch it will work again.

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Great link: Following did the trick.

I will put some additional comments there, in a minute.

Thank you very much! Sync seems to be working in 2 directions, again.

Hi @vige , Is Jolla somehow going to coment on this specific designrequest, or will we get only a reaction if a number of views or likes pases a specific mark…? :slight_smile:

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You mean like on those?
( sorry, could not resist :wink: )

I’m really not the correct person to answer your question, as I’m not involved with design, nor calendar app.

Understood (and accepted).
But who is?
And will this person ever answer here? (now serious: see above linked list of TJC threads that were never answered officially despite the high number of votes)
and not looking after @dcaliste as he is always responsive and solution oriented (thank you)

Or is the only chance to get an official answer on this forum still:

  • either bring it up as dev on the IRC community meetings
  • or to bring this to Jolla’s attention via Zendesk (like here and then only after almost two weeks and a second request this
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It’s always worth bringing up interesting design ideas, and the discussion everyone is having here is important because it represents how people really use the device, and that does get picked up. But this is just my personal opinion and not an official response I’m afraid.

In my view, if you want a guaranteed response within a given time frame, bringing something up at the community meeting is probably the best way.

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I would like to see the possibility to change the view between month, week and day also.


Calendar topic from today’s Community Meeting

The day view is already there (tap on the date displayed below the grid).


You’re right, of course.

well the Answer in the Meeting is not very concrete but it is somehow a response… lets hope for the best… what els can we do, the just hope.

Nice work!

I was afraid the entries would be too difficult to read in that small font, but trying it out on my phone did work. It may still be an accessibility issue for the future me with worse vision.

Two additional suggestions:

  • Adding a week view would be nice. I’m used to having that as my default; focusing on seven days takes care of the readability problems.
  • Add left/right swipe on bottom half of screen to flip through days. This gesture is currently unused and would remove the need for the silly day-tapping exercise, which annoys me too. (Sideways swipe in the top half flips through months, so there would be a nice symmetry of actions.)

Update on Nov 3, 2020: Had up to three CalDav calendars running - simoultaneously? Only one was shown/active. Reminder rang up to three times for one single event, even though just one cal was active. Almost got used to it.
Glad to report now brought some true improvement considering CalDav implementation. NextCloud sync is fine, in both directions, and when there is on CalDav account connected, the number of calendars corresponds to those I connected to.
Good job, so far.

Ah, I also have that thing with multiple reminders. We use several devices along the family with shared calendars, but only on Sailfish I get them multiple (and yes, also three times, a do also synced via Nextcloud).

however it would be nice if android calendars could sync! To me it seems rather XA2 devices with Android 8 inside broke syncing, and X and older devices still should work.

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Please, open a bug in the report category describing your problem : version, number of calendars… You can also follow what I wrote there: VALARM-loop of jolla-alarm-ui to list and edit your alarms. It may help to understand the issue.

To clarifiy: Multiple reminders are gone since I updated to At least, for me, as of now.
Above I posted Improved Calendar Design a workaraound that worked for me in the meantime after sync stopped working. Using the solution linked above, sync worked again, but (up to) tripled the reminders.
Now, in, everything is fine. ONE reminder per date.

I wouldn’t mind trading some level of event detail for better overview information (and maybe even better aesthetics). Here’s a quick sketch:

Of course some use-cases would need a bit further thinking, e.g. what if one would have a lot of 10 or 15 minute things on one day?

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