Official responses of Jolla within this forum

Continuing the discussion from Improved Calendar Design:

And as I think this deserves its own thread, erm topic, here we go.

Will Jolla change the way to react on requests, design flaws, bug reports than on TJC?
And will there be any more info then as ‘we noticed this’? Maybe progress, ETA…


To reiterate what I wrote elsewhere, in my (personal) view, the best way to get a guaranteed response within a given time frame about, for example, a design idea, is to raise it at a community meeting. It works well for that, I think.

But that may just be because I enjoy the community meetings.


Community meetings have started getting a lot less frequent, too, lately. There has been only one between June 26 and today.

(Wasn’t there supposed to be one last week, by the way? I see no logs on

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It was postponed: