Can't Upgrade To - Not enough Space

Trying to upgrade to from .58 on XA2 but the upgrade won’t start because it needs 500Mb on System and I only have 290Mb free. Settings/Storage tells me I’m using 245Mb for Sailfish apps, so I’ve tried deleting a dozen or so apps but that’s bought me only a few Mb, so even if I delete every single app on the phone that probably won’t give me enough space. Have I reached the limit in terms of no future upgrades now being possible to the XA2, or is there something else I can safely delete apart from apps?

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Same here, as usual. I moved temporarily ambiences (/usr/share/ambience/*) to an external media and that was enough. In case it’s not enough, you may also uninstall your heavy apps (use Space Inspector to find them), then reinstall after upgrade.

Use this to find biggest hogs: rpm -qa --queryformat ‘%{SIZE} %{NAME} \n’ | sort -n -r | head -10
Some packages just need to be optified


THX Sailor - I need this for long time. :+1:

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MLS packages are relatively large if you have them.

I also usually delete l10n files, and make sure to uninstall any -devel packages.

Thanks, that increased the System partition to 890 Mb and did the trick. Uograde was successful!

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I must ask - can we make the same trick with “system_b”?

Ok, sorry, there was no question - everything is written on your blog (system_b is used by SailfishOS).

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You can mount and see that there is the early boot .img file containing the Android kernel on it, so no or you may never shut down your device again without reflashing before booting :wink:

If you really think your rootfs is still too small, which I can’t imagine unless you install self-compiled rust/go software on it, you have to shrink your homepart and use that space for logical volume of the rootfs. Adding a sdcard to the LVM volume group and assigning it’s space to logical volumes should work in theory to. You can find plenty of other guides and research about this topic here in the forum and on the old

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Free up some space, maybe?

Glad to see XIII have 4.5Gb rootfs by default, but it seems to suffers 20Gb missing of its 128Gb just like android (android did report it to be 14Gb of system files), is the android rootfs kept during flashing/install? Maybe could explain some people having more success with certain functionalities being setup first on android, thought flashing would overwrite the whole thing, but with root+user adding up to around 100Gb seems not to be the case