[Guide] Setup & Mount WebDAV-Resource with Rclone on SailfishOS

Here is a small tutorial how to set up Rclone on SailfishOS.

In this case i just mount a NAS-Resource over WebDAV to read/write content. No need to download the complete NAS-Content to your SailfishOS-Device or vice versa. Your SailfishOS-Device must be online when you want to access your Mountpoint.

Setup-Part (once)

  1. Download and install Rclone .rpm in the Hardware-Architecture of your SailfishOS-Device (for example ARMv7 - 32bit, ARM 64Bit…etc) from here - rclone.org

  2. Create a new configuration by open Terminal on your SailfishOS-Device and Type:

rclone config

  1. Type “n” for new remote

  2. Enter Name for new remote (for this Example i choose NAS2)

  3. Enter Type of Storage, enter “46” for WebDAV

  4. Enter a Hostname-Adress to connect to, in our example here:


sometimes the WebDAV-Resource require a different port like 5006, then enter:


  1. Enter Option Vendor, Type “5” for other

  2. Enter Username (WebDAV user)

  3. Type “y” for enter Password and type it in (WebDAV user password)

  4. Confirm Password (repeat WebDAV user password for verification)

  5. Enter Option bearer_token. I leave it blank (this is an additional Security-Feature)

  6. Edit Advanced Config, type “n

  7. Config Overview - Keep this “NAS2” remote? Type “y

  8. Current remotes Overview, press “q” for quit config

  9. Create an empty Directory where the Mountpoint should appear, i choose:

mkdir /home/defaultuser/NAS2


After you performed the Setup-Part above once you just can Mount the Resource always when needed with this Commandline:

rclone mount NAS2: /home/defaultuser/NAS2

The Resource is connected and mounted as long you have internet access and doesn´t close the Terminal where you have entered that Commandline.

If you have corrections or additions feel free to answer here.


To close the terminal without interrupting,
Users could even use screen.
With it, the terminal can continue to ‘live’ even if one closes the window. (after having detached the session)

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Mount-Part2 (Optional)

When adding --daemon Option it will run in the Background:

rclone mount NAS2: /home/defaultuser/NAS2 --daemon


Add this to the Command-Line for Full-Cache (Read and Write):

–vfs-cache-mode full

Add this Option to to restrict the Cache-Size, otherwise it will fill up your Disc/Partition:

–vfs-cache-max-size 1G

Old Data will be overwritten when reaching the limit (in this case 1GB).

Other Users

Add this Option to allow all other Users than defaultuser to access the Mountpoint (e.g. admin, root…etc)