Future of Storeman

Hello sailors!

5 years ago in 2017, I got tonsillitis and had to take a sick leave for a week. These days, I started working on Storeman with little experience in mobile software development and almost no knowledge of QML. I borrowed a lot from Warehouse for SailfishOS and the official store at the beginning. And of course, I drew inspiration from our dear community. It was a productive 5 years full of fun. Now I feel like a more experienced developer who was able to bring a little benefit to others.

Unfortunately, it has now become difficult for me to maintain Storeman. But I understand that I have no right to just abandon it, so I ask the community to continue its development.

Here are the repos:

Thanks everyone!

UPD 2022-03-05 Repositories were moved to https://github.com/storeman-developers, thanks to @olf


Thats very sad that you think of leaving, I want to thank you for all your contributes and wish you good luck!


I hope I don’t leave. I can contribute to further development, but not lead it :slight_smile:


Thank you for you investment! I have no knowledge QML or mobile development, but once I get more time (hope this summer/autumn) I’d like to contribute to SailfishOS.

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A link to the repo here would have lead to me immediately forking :slight_smile: Thanks for all your efforts!

EDIT: presumably https://github.com/mentaljam/harbour-storeman

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Mee too!
I’m on Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 focal (x86-64), Cinnamon 4.4.8 GUI, Kernel 5.13.0-30-generic, on a Laptop. Screen size is only 1366 x 768 pixel, otherwise the laptop is running like a charm!

Has this a chance, or di I need a bigger screen?

Further, I need a little help to install an offline development system to try my luck…

Well, that’s not so difficult. All is explained here. If help is needed, don’t hesitate to ask on any telegram group :wink:

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Thank you for your service to our community, @mentaljam!

As @pherjung says, the instructions are sufficient for your setup. I have something similar running, BUT, I wouldn’t find working without a second monitor comfortable.

Some people ‘really’ prefer using the docker approach, but I’m happy using Virtualbox, even if it’s a bit dated in the focal release of ubuntu.

And … I’ve forked. Let’s see if I have something to contribute.


Thank you for your help @poetaster , @cyberlyra and @pherjung .
Because this is OT in this ‘Future of Storeman’ thread, I will open a new one in the Platform Development section. I’m sure this is not the last time I have to ask for helping me with setting up the development environment.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@mentaljam how do you plan to to organise this?

As long as you keep your two Storeman repositories open, people will pose Pull Requests, because these are the original repositories. Are you willing to handle these PRs in the future (i.e., review them etc.), which means, do you still want to be the maintainer?

If not, I strongly suggest to “archive” both Storeman repositories (i.e., switch them to read-only), so somebody else will volunteer as a new maintainer, and new PRs will be submitted to these repositories.

@poetaster, are you volunteering to become the new maintainer for Storeman and Storeman Installer?

P.S.: I have a couple of PRs open at the original (mentaljam’s) Storeman and Storeman Installer repositories.

I’m not sure it would be wise for me to do so, but if no one else steps up to be maintainer, I will do so.

I’m currently in a position with, for instance, ‘machines vs. machines’ where I’m working from the fork and have to ‘wait’ for things to happen in the source. It’s not always ideal. But, in that case it’s not so critical as long as I don’t want to drive development. Frankly, I have a lot to do, but it’s mostly ‘non-critical’…

I think when it comes to something like a front end to the most important alternative source of software for SFOS that one should consider carefully. But then, @mentaljam maybe daily maintenance is not so demanding?

PS. Now I have to read @olf PRs …
PPS: https://github.com/mentaljam/harbour-storeman-installer/pull/5/files is instructive (I’d merge 'em all)

I prefer to transfer ownership of these repositories

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To paraphrase @olf from a discussion elsewhere, ideal would be a repo with a number of contributors having write privs. @olf, would you mind posting (I think it was from a patchmanager thread?) thoughts on repo maint. here? Thanks!

Well quite simply a group on Github/Gitlab.

Most preferable solution would be to make an organisation in github (or gitlab, but since most of the Sailfish contribution is already in Github, maybe that would be the best course of action) for community driven sailfish apps. That way when people change, it’s easy to keep the boat (:wink:) floating without doing this every time when somebody has no longer time, energy or interest to keep developing for Sailfish. Inviting people to organisation is much easier than handling repository migration from one person to another.

O.K., as there seem to be a couple of people (@poetaster, @pherjung, @Sefriol) interested in joining a GitHub-“organisation”, I am willing to handle the process of creating the “organisation” and inviting the interested ones.

So @mentaljam, you can transfer the ownership of your repo to the GitHub-“organisation” handle storeman-developers .
I assume you also want to be invited to storeman-developers, right?

P.S.: There are actually three repos of interest for the storeman-developers org.


Ok. Thanks @olf! I’m in. Hopefully I can contribute in a meaningful way.

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Thus far I have avoided groups and simply given individuals write privs. on the one or other repo.

Great inititive ! I’m in too.

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