Future devices?

Support for Sony Xperia 10 III was announced May 17 2022 while the device had been available since April 2021, so over year ago, and at least in Czechia the device is already nearly sold out in e-shops, being replaced by Xperia 10 IV. So support for Xperia 10 III basically appeared when the device wasn’t available anymore… Of course I understand creating support takes some time, but this isn’t the most practical… So I wonder if there are any reliable plans for support of Xperia 10 IV or another device in near future…?

You’ll probably get the (same) answer if you search the forum for “xperia 10 IV”


I think the question should be rather directed to Sony or have I missed it somehow it the list linked below?

Well, Xperia 10 IV was several times discussed, but no clear info, AFAIK. I still have Intex Aqua Fish (turned to Jolla C), but it’s slowly dying, so I wonder if to search for second hand Xperia 10 III or go for 10 IV and hope it’ll get Sailfish support in near future. Sony seems to be open for porting, so it’s question to Jolla, isn’t it?

It looks like the initial release of AOSP for Sony 10IV was 2022-07-27. 10III support shows first up at 2022-09-10 and the sfos release was in may… Thus I would expect around 8 months between the AOSP and the SFOS release


How can Jolla give any answer to this question if porting anything to this device is not supported by Sony in the first place? Their guess is as good as ours regarding if/when images for this device will become available.

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Thank You for the explanation. I’d really expect there is some communication between Jolla and Sony… But OK, it’s clear now.

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My advice is if you need a new device, don’t wait for a new one to get support, consider one of the current ones. Each device when it got support was really buggy for next few months. For example I was waiting for Xperia 10 to get support, bought it immediately and started using it as my main device. I got a device that rebooted randomly, sound stopped working at random times, and so many other problems.
Either you are willing to wait a year for 10 IV to get support and become stable, or consider one of currently supported devices. This is how it is with SFOS


The Xperia 10 III is the current model with a few unfinished things but improvements already queued up, Xperia 10 II is the best-supported version currently. Both of them are great with SFOS!

I got Xperia 10 III because of the 6GB of RAM, and it turned out the CPU isn’t a slouch either :wink:


I second you. The Xperia 10 suffered from serious hardware bugs SFOS never realy coped with. OTH, the Xperia 10II is an exellent device right from the beginning (like the XA2 was with the 2nde or 3rd release of SFOS). Even if the Xperia 10 IV will be supported one day, we do not know how good the device is.

BTW Xperia 10 III seems also to be very reliable

@phragmites: I would go with the Xperia 10 III because I do not expect the 10 IV being much better - if at all


This was a problem cohering the quality of manufactoring and assembling of the X10. I had to open and fix one of the 3 X10’s of my family, and fix a tottering contact at a flat cable, but since this time no issues & works like a charm. There is no chance for any software company to fix this.


Can you explain or show a link what contact it is please?

Yes, Thread ’ Touchscreen frequently sticks’ , Post # 11,

Copied from there (don’t know how to link to a post):
I apologize, please ignore my last 3 posts!

The real reason was a tottering contact with the plug on the flat cable coming from the touchscreen and plugged in into a jack on the main PCB.

So I opened the device and fixed it by bending the cover plate of the plug in a way that it better fixates the plug.

now it’s working better than ever before. Let’s see how long.

edit: 22 days later , still working fine !

until today the same, still working fine. Sticking screen never came back again.


Just FYI, recently bought Xperia 10 III from Amazon.de in Czechia.

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