Xperia 1 IV, 5 IV and 10 IV support

What does this mean for official support?

Possible? Sure.
Certain? Definitely not.

Support for 10 III was announced last May, so i wouldn’t expect it earlier than May 2023.

Would i buy a 10 IV now, if i had the chance (and wait for more than six months for official SFOS)? Probably. Without the support? That i honestly don’t know. But i guess it’s a good phone, even with Android.

i faced this dilemma last year when the 10 III was on sale at black friday for £290.

never came back down to that price, ended up buying one eight months later for £330.

then again, i’m still using my XA2 four months after installing SFOS on the 10 III because I can’t get mobile data to work on the new phone…

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Last year there was Xperia 10 III (lena) content in the public (mer-hybris) adaptation repos by Black Friday. That’s a 98% guarantee in my book.

There is nothing about the IV yet.


It’d be really nice to know, phone is like half price right now.

At Amazon Black Friday in Germany the Xperia 10 IV costs only 374€!

For reference Future devices? - #5 by thigg

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339€ is a really good price…

Xperia 10 IV seems to 299e in Finland currently.

£299 on

That’s sad that we don’t have any answer on the Xperia 10 IV sailfish OS port because the Xperia is at a special discount price on Amazon at the moment so we’re gonna miss the opportunity to have one at a cheap price.

I have taken the gamble at 341€ for the Lavender colored one :heart_eyes:


I have also taken the gamble at 299€ in Finland


no need to hurry, they are available till march, usually
although 300 euro is a good price to “buy now, think later”

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If the 10 iv’s spec’s are identical to the 10 iii with the exception of the chip shouldn’t it be possible to run sfos ?

“…with the exception of the chip”… You’re joking, right? :slight_smile:


I took the gamble and picked up an Xperia 10 IV for 300€. They might be cheaper later but 300€ is still a good price. Previously I thought about buying the Xperia 10 III but the display quality was not that great. The Xperia 10 IV display is brighter and more vibrant so I take the gamble and hope that Xperia 10 IV will get an official Jolla supported Sailfish port.


I’m probably taking the same gamble. I use cheap one plus phone as My work phone. But I have tested Microsoft’s apps in Sailfish Android and they seem to work well, so I think I ditch the Android phone and switch to Sailfish.

I use Sailfish phone most of the time and constantly fight with the android phone’s peculiarities. I don’t like it so I don’t want to learn how to use it efficiently. I rather get rid of it and get netter OS instead.


I bought sony Xperia 10iv only so that i can port it to sailfish os…my question now is wil it support xqcc72 version??? Sony made the smartphone but they dint add xqcc72 on the open device list…will i ever get to experience sailfish os​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

The 10 IV is included…

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But xq-cc72 is not included…i purchased wrong version of it😞… really a bummer