Fingerprint record lost randomly

Just yesterday I experienced this myself on Xpreria 10II with SFOS (Verla). Even after rebooting fingerprint detection was not operational, and when I went to settings to check it out the fingerprints available the selection was empty.

However, when I entered my security code to add new ones it complained about “insufficient memory” or some such, but suddenly the fingerprints were again there and unlocking started working.

As bluetooth has been suspected, I have my phone connect/disconnect from the car handsfree every time I drive (pretty much daily).

Lost my two prints again last night. Phone where hot and had dropped from 81 to 30 % charge during the night. Had to run the sailfish-fpd twice to get them back as usual.

It happens daily for me, and sometimes less than a minute after restarting the service. Xperia 10 ii. I don’t mind since GPS is fine.

I actually have a cronjob running that does this twice every hour :smiley:

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@vige I have an X10II and the situation is ongoing; tests show that fp reader works, but the device doesn’t unlock. There are no fingerprints in Settings either. Haven’t restarted the service yet.

Do you need any logs collected? Now’s a nice opportunity :slight_smile:

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Journal is always nice. i.e. run these commands and send the resulting file to us.

journalctl > journal.log

Anyone else still experiencing this? I stumble upon this on my X10 II (Suomenlinna 4.3.0) every now and then after restarting the device. Surely running couple of times the systemctl restart sailfish-fpd fixes the issue, but it’s still rather annoying. I haven’t checked the journal logs that @vige pointed out, but definitely will try to remember this when the fingerprints are lost again.


It happens daily on my Xperia 10 ii.


Have been running without any issues for quite some time, and I have been set up with three prints. But Friday last week I lost them twice within an hour. The usual “sailfish-fpd” x 2 restart brought them back.
Did forget to check the logs :frowning: Will try to remember next time.

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Happened again and I remembered to pull a log. Did one before the “sailfish-fpd” x2 restart and one after.
To who should I send them?

Still on Verla and I start to get the impression that the vibration stops at the same time as the fingerprints starts to fail.

I sent them to @vige via a private message.


Happens to me also at random (10 II). However when I start “Add fingerprint” and go back, the fingerprints are there. So could be that something is disconnecting in between and the wizard is starting or reconnecting again?

Just saw @plemil “The usual “sailfish-fpd” x 2 restart” - will try this next time

This keeps happening regularly with 4.3.0, too. It starts to look more and more like an OOM situation… I disabled the zram, created a 1GB swap on my home partition (not good for the flash, I know) and raised swappiness from the default 25 to 50. Two days of intentionally heavy application usage all around, and the fingerprints still work. Apps don’t get killed (grayed out in the app switcher) anymore either.


I’ve noticed that this situation happens quite a lot after having put the phone on charge. I have no journal logs though. However, I skimmed through the journal log once and there were some warnings / red lines regarding cpu cores going sleep or something, I’m not really too familiar with journaling. As @direc85 pointed out, this might be some OOM situation. Might try to reproduce OOM situation to find out if the fingerprints are lost :thinking:. Are there any news about this issue? Somebody sent journal logs as far as I remember?

Running on Xperia 10 II with Sailfish 4.3.0 as well.

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In the Backup/Restore, where are fingerprints stored? thread, were given interesting informations.

It seems the fp generated files are located in:


Do they they get altered?
If so, would it be an idea to restore them daily with a script and an app which can launch apps/scripts at boot or with the help of Sailcron?

My uptime ended; no missing fingerprints so far. Having separate swapfile and higher swappiness helped. Now I’m trying only swappiness of 35, let’s see if it helps…

Personally I really wouldn’t mess with the fingerprint data manually; restarting the service twice has done the trick for me every time…

I do mess manually with everything i can. :nerd_face: (and make some disasters sometimes).
It was just an idea to try finding an automatic solution.
Let’s try to copy those files somewhere, copy them back, reboot…

I rsync’ed the files forth and back, tried to reboot, still works.
-We don’t know if the problem comes from these files
-I don’t know how to automate a task as root (w/o installing some cronlike stuff)

I’m again tempted to leave WhatsApp behind; that bugger of a software starts its background services no matter what I select in Settings > Applications… In my effort to reduce memory pressure, I removed almost half of my Android applications as I simply didn’t need them anymore, or I can use the service through a web page instead. So far, with stock zram configuration, three days and no lost fingerprints…

Is there a OOM log to see what it actually snipes? @vige


Sorry, I have no idea

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