Fingerprint record lost randomly

So not the fingerprints were lost but the fpd crashed.
Very interesting that the connection of some BT devices causes the fpd to crash.

This afternoon my fingerprints went missing again. I had to run the fpd restart twice to get them back. No Bluetooth going today so probably not the issue last time either. No common actions as far as I can tell trigging this issue.

Happened again,fpd x2 to get them back No clue or common action as far as I can tell.

Yesterday I had the same problem on my Xperia 10 II, unlock with fingerprint was not possible. I took a look in the settings, no fingerprint showed up. Reboot did not change anything. I added one finger, tried to add another but the limit of 5 was reached. After the message telling me I have reached the limit, all 5 fingerprints showed up again in the list. I deleted the last created duplicate, but unlock with fingerprint did not work. Another reboot and finally unlock via fingerprint is working again (and they still show up in the list).

That’s a strange error and neither rebooting nor adding fingerprints always fix it.

Have happened a copouple of times again. And as usual I have to run the fpd stuff twice to get my fingerprints back again.
This time I know I had WiFi enabled and went outside for a couple of hours and coming back home my fingerprints where lost. I’m on a dual SIM 10 II but only use slot #1 and have a memory card at slot #2.
EDIT: I have 5 prints registered and have always had.

We should check the number of registered fingerprints.

I “lost” my fingerprints only once about 3 or 4 days after having installed SFOS on the Xperia 10 ii. Then, I had 5 or 6 fingerprints registered.

Thereafter, I newly registered only 2 fingerprints and have not lost fingerprints again since. For more than 2 months everything is fine.

Same story again a couple of day in a row. On every occasion I have been in and out of WiFi and / or Bluetooth coverage, so I really susspect some connection stuff triggering this.I currently have 5 prints stored, single sim in slot #1 and memory card in slot #2.

I have removed all current prints and have added 4 new ones. Will be interesting to see if that makes any difference.

Good luck! I am pretty sure the number of recorded fingerprints matters. If you run into trouble with 4, you should go with 2 fingerprints for a while. If this is fine, you could add a third one. Thus we should learn where the trouble beginns …

Have been using 4 prints for about a week. Today I lost them, again after being in and out of WiFi / Bluetooth coverage.
Will be trying with 2 prints and report back.

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Humble request: can someone at Jolla add systemctl restart sailfish-fpd to cron.daily to run each day at 3:17 AM in the next release?

why at 3:17 AM? And please execute the command systemctl restart sailfish-fpd twice.

No particular reason, just a random time that is unlikely to be inconvenient to most people. Not a round hour so it likely won’t conflict with other scheduled activities.

About a week with 2 prints, and yesterday it happened again. As usual after a day with and without WiFi and BT access. My feeling is that this is related to my issues with MMS as they have been one of the reasons I have been fiddling with the WiFi connection.
After sailfish-fpd restarted twice they are back as usual.

EDIT 2021-08-30: This morning they where vanished again, so sticking with only two prints don’t seem to do any difference in my case. END EDIT

EDIT Again 2021-08-30: After my previous edit I have been working from home and before lunch I lost the fingerprints twice. This time I have not had WiFi or Bluetooth enabled so right now I am totally confused, as this seem to be the trigger on the previous events. And I have not been in or out of different cellular antennas as I have been stationary at one place. END EDIT Again


Too bad … I am using WiFI and Bluetooth almost on a daily basis (switching it on and off) but have no trouble with fingerprints since I reduced them to two. I am using different WiFi connections and some are quite unstable

Unfortunately, the problem still exists under
Today my two fingerprints went missing again. I had to run the
“systemctl restart sailfish-fpd” twice to bringthem back.

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