Facebook messenger in sailfish


Wondering if someone was able to find a way to see facebook messages on sailfish

Even a text only solution like the old morsender would be nice to have

Any hint?

Sign into the Facebook page on the web browser. You can check and reply to messenger there.

Messenger Lite works fine if you have App Support though I can understand why you wouldn’t want to use it.

You should be able to log into www.messenger.com but no notifications of course.

DISA may have fixed their plugin by now if someone wants to try building it.

You can’t see/reply to messages on the mobile version of the facebook website usually displayed on phones, but you can see/reply to messages on the desktop version - the problem is that’s quite difficult to see on a small phone screen.

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Unfortunately it’s not working anymore, i only get a white screen, either with messenger and messenger throught the fb desktop page

Never heard about disa, but if it’s working i hope someone will build it :slight_smile:

Do I remember wrong, or does facebook allow only official clients?

It still works (kind of) with frost (look it up on f-droid) it’s just a wrapper but does a better job of displaying the messenger than the mobile browser - most times you need to switch to desktop mode btw …

A while ago I made FratzenJail ( find it on Chum) to have a ‘native’ fb app. It’s a wrapper around WebView.
It could at one point access messenger and reply by playing tricks with user-agents.

I have stopped all my fb activity now, so don’t need it any more, butmaybe it works for you.

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Unfortunately not, the only app for me that still works is maki (neither frost has ever worked) but maki is so tedious (as it loads the desktop version cramped to fith the screen) i rather use the web version

Anyway the web version (at least for me) is not working anymore, i guess it’s 4.5 cause it was working in 4.4

That was a good little app, and I used it a lot - but it doesn’t work any more on 4.5. You just get a rotating circle on the cover page as it loads and then the whole thing just disappears. Pity, coz I liked it.

You can with the native browser. I’ve had the same issues when trying to use others.

I wasn’t aware of this. Sorry about that.

I’ll try to fix that if possible, time permitting.


Hm I can not reproduce a crash-on-open even on 4.5 ( tested on Gemini).

Can you try to gather a bit more information?

I’d be happy to, but have no idea how or what to do to help!

Well, try starting harbour-fbjail from terminal and see if there is any useful output.

If you don’t care about losing settings, you can delete them by doing

 dconf reset -f /org/nephros/FratzenJail/

and try again. It’s unlikely to fix anything though I think.

Have no idea whether the above helps or not!

How odd, it actually runs fine from the command line (now I know how to do it!), but not from the app drawer or whatever the pull up screen is called.

Ah, then something must be amiss with either sailjail or the .desktop file, or most likely the Browser Booster.

systemctl --user status booster-browser@harbour-fbjail.service

is this running?

Looks like it …