Enable shut down on Xperia 10 - bugfix

Hi sailors!

I have only one feature request for next release. As I reported before I am experiencing bug when my Xperia 10 reboots everytime I switch it off (no charger, no touching the screen etc.) And I am not the only one. It got even worse on and now I am able to turn it off only by long pressing power button + volume up for about 10 sec. It is equivalent of pulling out of plug on devbox. Surely not a long term solution.

Is this issue planned for next release? I like the os, especially ui, browser update in is epic, but I feel like the system is not getting enough love and feels quite rough.


I also noticed this behavior on the Xperia X.
However, it does not always happen but irregularly. This phenomenon occurs since the update to Sailfish 4.0.1.

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For me it is present since I flashed Sailfish to Xperia 10, but from it got even worse and now I am not able to turn it of normally. I tried reflash it with fresh, but it is the same.

I have the same issue here, using Xperia 10. Really annoying and practically happening all the time… :roll_eyes:

I would not call that a feature request, I would call that a bug fix (as mentioned in the title)!


I think it would be better to bump the original bug report instead of creating a new topic. To some degree you’re cross-posting :wink:
Is there already a known fix that could be implemented as a ‘feature’?

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Yes, but sadly bugs are reported so often after release that it is not visible for more than one day. This bug is present for ages and is related to basic funcionality, so this is the last chance before I give up.

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Moving to bug reports.

I’ve had this for as long as I can remember, not just on SFOS 4.

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It probably depends on the device. I encountered this issue for the first time with Xperia 10 Plus (Dual SIM). SFOS 3.x had it and 4.x have it too. With Xperia X I didn’t have it.

Nolos2018 reported this issue also on Xperia X. Not sure what is causing this issue, but now I am getting this issue everytime.

Have you experienced this issue
  • Yes, Xperia X
  • Yes, Xperia XA2 (all versions)
  • Yes, Xperia 10 (all versions)
  • Yes, other devices
  • No

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press on/off and vol+ simultany and wait for 3 vibrations. then it is off.

Yes, it is written in the post. But it is equivalent of pulling out of plug on devbox. Surely not a long term solution. And probably could damage phone if used regularly.

I too have this problem and the airport insists that the mobile is off before going through checkin. This has not been possible with my xperia 10 plus. Which means the usability is diminishing.

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Does running shutdown -h 0 form the command line work? (You’ll need to be root first using devel-su). I’m not proposing this as a solution. But it would be an interesting data point.

For me it doesn’t work.

Please don’t needlessly bump your topic every few days, the problem won’t be fixed faster.

Okay, I give up. If it is not in first three posts in category it is completely useless. I think that this won’t be fixed at all with approach like this.

@susenerajce: Why do you think the rank of the topic matters?

Jolla has an internal ticketing system to keep track of reported bugs. Rest assured , they know how to handle the activity in #bug-reports.
The particular bug about the shutdown had been reported before and surely registered in the internal tracker.

Bug tracking does not work like feeds in social networks where information further down the list usually escapes notice
Bumping the topic and constantly asking for a fix - be the issue as annoying as this particular bug indeed is - will neither speed up development nor contribute to it. It’s up to Jolla’s devs to prioritize this and decide how and when to work on this . Development work depends on available time and resources, not activity on bug reports (unless that activity is providing debug info and logs)

It is true that there’s no easy way to follow the progress of bug fixes here on Discourse.
but that’s another topic

I completely diagree. This post also shows how common the issue is. Yes, it was reported before, but by individuals and for Jolla it could be seen as rare case, which it clearly is not.

Also as you mentioned, there could be someone who figured out why this issue ocurs, but it is essential for those people to see this topic to let others know.