Different ringtone for different SIM cards

How about implementing such a thing for two-SIM phones?

Essentially, it should look like an option inside the ambience’s menu: instead of just ‘ringtone’, it might look like ‘ringtone - SIM card 1’ and ‘ringtone - SIM card 2’. Additionally, there might be two different ringtones volumes for each. The rationale behind this proposal is that, if you use a SIM card for personal stuff and another one for work, you might want to identify if a call is coming from your employer or from a friend without even having to look at your phone. Even more important, on weekends for example, you might want to set the volume for your ‘personal’ SIM to a medium level, and mute the volume for the ‘work’ SIM card - this gives you the possibility of being available in case something is seriously wrong at work, but without being stressed about the possibility of a loud incoming call from your employer.


This, and it would also be nice if we could use different ringtones for different contacts.

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There’s an app in Openrepos for this, but it is definitely not a bad feature to include in the base system.

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I like the idea of different ringtones for sim2, so work related calls sound different.

for the app @rsoto mentioned
(implementing in base system seems to be ditched, since the app works again)
see here:

and here:

…and family, friends, etc. have a personal ringtone again :sunglasses:, like in the olden days with Nokia smartphones!

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If not individual ringtones per contact then at the very least contacts marked as favourite (or some other contact group for VIP contacts) should have the possibility to be assigned different ringtone and a set of exceptions like e.g. overriding the Silent profile. Simple Nokia phones had it around 2000 or so.

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Are you talking about Android or Sailfish?

You are also linking to a commercial third party. This being your first post, it feels spammy AF. Please clarify.

Yeah, I am talking about Android. And I am 100% just like u, Totally human AF.

…So why are you posting this on a Sailfish forum? There’s an Android compatibility layer, it’s true, but as far as I know, it can’t control Sailfish configuration - and rightly so. Not trying to be a c*nt here, but please keep your posts Sailfish-relevant - everything else is confusing at best, annoying at worst.

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That would have been state of the art in the late 90s, or perhaps just after?
Didn’t the 3310 have that?

thanks for sharing ringtones

Addressed (wether as a response to this thread or in an ‘organic’ way I don’t really know) in

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