Personal ringtones

No personal ringtones for 4.1?

Still there in on XA2.

Hmm. Mine 10II it doesn’t work…

To keep this thread short: settings: atmospheres: ringtone: choose from music

I mean personal ringtone for different people. Openrepos personal ringtones

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See here:

TL;DR : Developer coderus has decided to no longer develop SFOS apps in his free time, and Personal Rintones is one of the apps affected

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Ok. Sad to hear and read about it. Hope somebody will continue…


So we are back in the stoneage then.

Since my first smartphone (Nokia 6600) 18 years ago, I would never have thought, that I ever would have to waive this feature…



On SailfishOS 4.2 (device intex ) work fine.
But on SailfishOS X 4.2 (device xperia 10 ii) not work :frowning:

Good news:


Normalize phone numbers. Detect numbers like [+1 234 56 78](tel:+1 234 56 78)
aarch64 build



Nice. Really good news.

@Gouneesz There was a group of Sailfish users that wanted to integrate Personal Ringtone into SFOS. But apparently the iniative vanished :frowning:
Look at 7h33. Maybe you could contact the guys and bring forward the project :slight_smile:

…as well as here at 7:39

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