:tada: Congratulations :tada: to the winners :trophy: of the Community Awards announced at Jolla’s 10 years celebration in Berlin.

We were completely bowled over by the enthusiasm you all showed in voting for your favourite community contribution. It’s a testament not only to the efforts that individual members put in to creating amazing things for — or using — Sailfish OS, but also how much everyone appreciates it. You should all be deservedly proud.

But there could only be four winners. So in case you’ve not already watched the Facebook Live Stream (which covers a lot more besides and is well worth a watch), the winners are… :drum:

For Services to Features

For Services to Hardware

For Services to Quality

The Community Choice

Congratulations to everyone nominated in the poll, I really wish we could have given awards to all of you. But these special congratulations go to @dcaliste, @piggz, @atlochowski and @rinigus for their amazing contributions. We’ll be contacting you individually to send out some congratulatory swag.


Congratulations and a big thank you to those 4 above mentioned people, but also to all the others who didn’t make the final 4.