Community OBS - Refurbished and re-floated

I’m happy to be able to make a short and, hopefully, sweet announcement:

We’ve been listening to the community and we’re pleased to announce that the Community OBS ( will be kept in service for at least another 12 months.

As you know we’ve seen a drop in use on what is a complex and costly service for us to operate. However, the service has a few capabilities the SDK does not yet offer (notably being a shared and public community service) and is useful both for open-source application developers and porters.

For these reasons we’re going to keep it running and monitor usage and benefit for the community. In the meantime we will of course continue to improve our developer offering as well.

We are looking into updating the OBS to a newer version in the near future and hopefully this will fix the aarch64 support too.

David (and the community infra support team!)


Thank you very much! Looking forward to use it with aarch64 enabled!


Ok, going to tool up all the apps I maintain to take advantage of this. For the ones that are more or less qml+js this could save me quite some time :wink:


Please note that to upgrade to newer version os OBS, you’ll need newer version of OBS build with sb2-specific patches. And I have one that is modern enough that it works well with OBS 2.10.10. Please let me know if you need even newer version of build or any assistance in upgrading OBS server.


This is great news, looking forward to taking advantage of it.


Thanks ol - that’s much appreciated


OBS update: I did a lot of OS upgrades (about 48!) over the weekend and then updated the OBS software. After some struggles with DB migrations and importing SFOS things are looking good. I’ve still got to get the actual builders to work and that may happen later today - depends if I have the right kind of sacrificial animal I guess. Hmmm. I wonder why my cats are hiding?

Oh logins are mainly disabled but I need to enable them from time to time to do work. Please don’t try use the system until I announce it is good to go as it makes watching the logs and debugging a bit harder - thanks


While i don’t have experience in SW i can say a thing or two about the correct way of sacrificing an animal. Felines don’t work. You need a pig or cow. Parts of it also work. Also you will need some charcoal and a grill. Preparation (marinades rubbings etc) doesn’t matter much. You can do as you please. The only thing that needs to be done is the smoke of the animal burning on the grill to reach the sky.

After consuming the animal -with some beer or wine- everything will work as it should.


Great news. If it matters to the guys above who actually write the hard apps, it matters to me! is running again :partying_face:

Older SFOS releases aren’t yet available but is there … with aarch64 :partying_face:

We also have a ‘Chum’ repository which was intended to be a place for developers to release apps for the community to install from. (For those of you who remember maemo-extras and maemo-extras-testing)

The intention is that apps built on the OBS can also be built in Chum and users just add the one repo to be able to install any of the apps.


cool. 3.4 planned? I’m still on unsupported hardware… and we ask you if we need credentials?

yes, I need to figure out how but I’m sure I can get the old versions up eventually.

For access you need a merproject bugzilla account and just ask me for that via irc msg or pm on here.
I need an email and the account name you’d like to use.

But signing up will not be opened, will it? I suppose there’s no motivation in doing so.

You mean different sign up methods apart from pinging @lbt?

Oh, I can ping lbt of course :slight_smile:

Signup is still open and hasn’t changed for the last several years … I’m just a one-man captcha machine!!! :rofl:

(We were hoping to merge with sailfishos logins but that idea has been shelved)


PSA: is now operational on the OBS. Please let me know of any issues :slight_smile:


How do we get an account for OBS for use in SailfishOS’ OBS?

Assuming we go through OpenSUSE’s Portal?

No. msg me with the username you want and an email and then you use the old Mer bugzilla to setup a password
Username is 2-20 characters long and only use A-Z a-z 0-9 and _

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