[Changelog] Struven ketju 4.5.0

This post contains the detailed changelog entries of Sailfish OS update compared to

Changelog_from_4.4.0.72_to_4.5.0.16.md (381.1 KB)
Changelog_from_4.5.0.16_to_4.5.0.18.md (2.0 KB)
Changelog_from_4.5.0.18_to_4.5.0.19.md (4.3 KB)
Changelog_from_4.5.0.19_to_4.5.0.21.md (8.0 KB)
Changelog_from_4.5.0.21_to_4.5.0.24.md (2.9 KB)

The release notes are here:


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Note: when downloading the notes, i get a “text/markdown mime not supported”.


ghostwriter used to verify the MD syntax of Any better now?

I think you miss the point… they still can’t be opened on-device because Sailfish Office does not support markdown (not even as plaintext ignoring formatting).

It’s great to have smaller updates in a short time period. Thank you, great work Jolla. :slight_smile:


Ahaa. Well, that should not be a major problem. Or is it?


To fix or to have…
Sorry, i couldn’t resist poking at the ambiguity.


Is markdown renderer complex to integrate? Considering the docs app is closed,theres no help

I think the document application is one of the only two open source applications provided with Sailfish OS, see GitHub - sailfishos/sailfish-office: Sailfish Office

Implementing a markdown renderer there could be interesting. There are several possibilities to do it:

  • using RichText from QML Label (markdown is natively supported since Qt5.14… no comment on Qt version), after a tiny markdown to HTML change on the fly,
  • using Caligra, if it happens that there is a markdown converter (didn’t look at, but there might be),
  • using a md to PDF conversion tool, if any exists and then use the current PDF renderer.

Basic demo of a markdown reader with the fancy new Qt 5.15:


we see something on new QT good :slight_smile:

Cant get simpler than that!
edit: not for qt 5.6 right?
Not even the patched one ?

For viewing and editing md files there is native app Notizen.md (in OpenRepos) but doesn’t support opening md file directly from another app.


One could register the mimetype with a simple post-install script?

One more question, how comes the mail app takes forever to download atachments from a gmail address?
Also sync ing the mails from the gmail account is slow as it used to be. A regression perhaps?