Bugs in Patchmanager ≥ 3.1.0

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Not sure the bug should be here (=all bugs mixed?) or in a new thread (= what I did here)

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I think you solved that almost perfectly by opening a new thread (“topic”) using above template, and leaving single line with a link to that new topic here.

The only improvement I can think of is to include the title of the new thread in the single line. Actually pasting only title linking to the new thread is sufficient, which is for this example:
[Bug] MMS doesn’t send pictures when Patchmanager is installed


After Openrepos certificate expired last week, then quickly restored, the patchmanager repository (web catalogue) is still not accessible.

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https://coderus.openrepos.net/ returns a 502 Bad Gateway

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Thank you @Objectifnul and @adekker for reporting, I retested (now, nine days later) and confirmed this, but then realised that @Objectifnul already moved this discussion (without mentioning it here) to:

This is fine, because this is not a bug in Patchmanager proper, rather a network misconfiguration.

On the other hand, maybe patchmanager could be updated if and when we have a new repository for patches (adjustable repo setup).

This should be fixed now (September 9th) see this Telegram message (Sorry, it seems the link works only if you are in the Telegram group Telegram: Join Group Chat, but it’s just Coderus announcing that the web app is up again.)

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can’t install on

LANG=C rpm -i patchmanager-3.2.6-1.armv7hl.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
	librpm.so.8 is needed by patchmanager-3.2.6-1.armv7hl

same for

It should work if you install the latest version. 3.2.6-1.8.1 available at Chum.

I can’t see patchmanager on Chum. I have 3.2.2-1.1.1.jolla from OpenRepos/Storeman.

the file I used was downloaded from OpenRepos, it was exactly this file.

Yes, the current upload of Patchmanager 3.2.6 at Openrepos may not support SailfishOS 4.5.0, because it is compiled for SailfishOS 4.0.1. Edit: The reason was a change in SailfishOS from 4.4.0 to 4.5.0.

Unfortunately noone has reported here if Patchmanager 3.2.6 compiled for SailfishOS 4.4.0 from the SailfishOS:Chum community repository works.

  • If it does, I will try to release Patchmanager 3.2.7 (which is in the works) at OpenRepos this weekend (Edit: done). That should work on SailfishOS 4.5.0.
  • If it does not, please file an issue report at GitHub.

I do need a confirmation of either case. Edit: Done by Ahtisilli.

P.S.: Mind that SailfishOS 4.5.0 is in the EA phase, many programs may fail to install or run, and developers cannot compile anything for SailfishOS 4.5.0, yet.


Well actually :wink:

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Well then, go ahead.
For Patchmanager we are not using the SDK installed locally, only Coderus’ SDK Docker images and the SailfishOS-OBS. I currently lack the time for any change of established processes, but feel free to provide a version compiled with this fresh SDK release.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit work.

Edit: Just updated to 3.2.7 from Chum. Both versions work.


Thank you very much for this confirmation.

If someone installed Patchmanager 3.2.7 from OpenRepos on SailfishOS 4.5.0, I would appreciate a confirmation if it works fine (or not), too.
Background: The RPMs uploaded there are compiled by a different machinery (a GitHub CI run, instead of the SailfishOS-OBS), and have to be uploaded manually, hence I may have picked an incorrect version.

Just installed now and it looks fine on my side. X10 II - 4.5

By the way, various PM Test Case were added

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@pherjung, does this statement address the Patchmanager 3.2.7 RPM at OpenRepos? I am asking, because your message is not a reply to my latest one and does not mention OpenRepos.

By the way, various PM Test Case were added

The PM-Testscases RPMs exist since Patchmanager 3.2.2 AFAIR.