Bluetooth Support in Android

Since there are dedicated usb-c dongles available it (and thus it wouldnt be a big issue to just leave the dongle plugged into the phone)\it would be nice to have both possibilities, but of course a toggle is a great idea and would work for all users instantly and without extra hardware. Is anyone deeper in the AD architecture? Could this be achieved but the community or are there changes of the closed source parts of SfOS/AD necessary?

There is a community meeting next week. Can you please ask your question there?
Thank you.

I’m in a regular job and thus won’t be able to participate, I dare. But maybe someone else could…

I wonder what level of Bluetooth support Jolla will provide for car makers.


I think this is the other way round ( connect a mobile phone TO the car-SfOS). Apps running locally on the car-system wouldn’t need Bluetooth for anything, probably, plus the apps on SfOS are native anyways and SfOS already provides full Bluetooth support for native apps.

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So Sailfish OS right now should be fine for you.

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oh really? From the official changelog:

Some XA2 devices suffer from the loss of audio during voice calls. Reported here .

Lol. You haven’t ever used it. You just complain and contradict yourself.

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for your information, currently I have Xperia 10 which after update to the latest sfos has problems with touch sensitivity freezes and worse battery life. Some time ago I had xperia x with SFOS 3 where SFOS experience was really bad:

  • bad camera
  • no encryption
  • browser useless
  • no good phone lock option
    Now the camera is better,browser is finally usable but it seems there’s problem with touch support. There’s encryption but it’s very very weak and very easy to crack, still no good phone lock option.
    Not to mention the still existing following problems:
  • impossible to set different sound for alarms,
  • impossible to share multiple items from gallery at once
  • bad keyboard UI which makes it cumbersome to type
  • not possible to switch songs using volume keys
  • no RTC alarms
  • still no support for all phone functionality like radio
  • no way to wakeup phone with swyping or tapping the screen.
  • problems with car BT connectivity I mean it connects but I can’t call using car radio

So yes I’m trying to use SFOS as my secondary phone. You may not believe me but I’m walking actually with two phones and it’s true SFOS progress is big compared to SFOS3 but there’s still a lot of work to consider this phone as a daily driver.

I wrote this only for you but I don’t think it’s the good place to write about it.

You say this:

Then you list minutia. Stop being a hypocrite.

I have DD’d SFOS since 3.3 with zero major issues. It is just fine.

so because you don’t have issues, means that everyone else are faking them?
Or maybe you have way different expectations? You know world moved a bit and what’s working minimum changed a lot.

Still that minimum I said is hard with SFOS as I pointed out with the changelog entry and other reports around the forum. Such things should not exists for a daily driver where you must depend on the phone. Tbh I didn’t yet test conference call with SFOS and found out right now that it seems I can’t find the wait on the dialpad, there’s pause but where’s wait? Good that conference calls works but the ui for that is not great tbh.

Can Android support Bluetooth? It has been discussed for nearly two years. I haven’t seen any progress

If you are asking if anything has changed, the answer is no.
If you are asking if it is possible ever, nothing has changed probably. Everything is theoretically possible, it might just not be practically possible.