Bluetooth Support in Android

Thank you for trying to help. I had found this same library myself but it has the same problem as the JS one I posted at the meeting: it’s a library. :slight_smile: That is, one would have to actually write an application on top in order to use it. I wish I had the time for it but at present I don’t. Still, I was quite detailed at the meeting, so I hope I’ve stirred them enough to spring into action.

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Thank you, I have electric scooter from Xiaomi (older model M365) with bluetooth and with your commands (without pylgbst of course) and this python library I can connect to the scooter from terminal in Sailfish and see state of battery, temperature etc. :slightly_smiling_face: I had to downgrade bluetooth firmware in the scooter because the python library works only with older one.


That’s very neat indeed; nice! I have a Xiaomi Ninebot C with Bluetooth and I never got around to trying to connect it up (I was too busy figuring out how to ride it!). I must give that a try.

Thanks for the tip ! :smiley:

I’ve tested it with pybluez and I can connect to a Bluetooth monitoring device I have with my Linux script.

If I may, I’ll copy some of the commands you mentioned to the readme of my script on gitlab.

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You are of course very welcome to. It’s great to hear that you had success connecting. There seem to be many python scripts out there for connecting to specific proprietary bluetooth devices. They can be a bit fiddly, but open up loads of possibilities when they work.


It would be really exciting to see full Bluetooth support for the Android subsystem. I have to use a proprietary program for work that uses BLE and it doesn’t seem to be possible for me to reverse engineer the whole thing then make a native alternative. Hopefully, the support would land soon!

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No Bluetooth and NFC Support for Android Apps is the only reason not to use Sailfishos.
I need NFC and Bluetooth for my Diabetes App and some other Apps.
Im a real burning Linux fan, i use it on my Business PC, Laptops, Servers.


Hi, on Sailfish OS Verla we still don’t have full Android Bluetooth support.
There are many apps e.g. Wahoo Element, Corona Warn App that need bluetooth enablement/passthrough. Same is with NFC, e.g. for banking apps.

Please can you consider making this possible.
I am very near of switching back to an Android Device because for some Android Apps there is no workaround and the Sailfish OS powered phone becomes more and more useless in real life.


Trying to pair a Xiaomi device using Mi Home app, and that’s not working. Ran into the same issue with several apps that deal with IoT devices already.

Looks like WiFi control access is somewhat broken too, because that’s a Xiaomi backup solution and it isn’t working either.

Is there any plans to get either one to work?


Any updates on this? Same situation in Suomenlinna?
It is uncool that I am unable to sync my sportwatch.

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Keeping this topic up to add one voice to the bluetooth android device request. The app I tried is an obd something dongle to connect an app with a car. The software side works but does not connect to the dongle complaining that bluetooth is.not turned on.


It’d be nice to connect to my Specialized MTB.

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With BTtons was it possible in SFOS4.1 but now I moved to 4.3 on a Sony 10ii with 64bit. The app is not ported yet… I could stopp and jump my music from the Headset… Maybe it helps…

You shouldn’t need BTtons after SFOS 4.2 anymore: [Release notes] Verla 4.2.0


I add here my voice too. I would need SailfishOS for some Bluetooth devices :pleading_face:

It certainly would be nice to connect Shimano E-TUBE PROJECT app to my MTB.
Also needed to connect Suunto app to my watch.

  • Canon Camera Connect

I found some interesting patch:
Can someone from Jolla say something about it like if they saw it, or maybe even try it?


If it was just an access issue solved in 16 lines, Jolla would have already done that.
There is still the problem that the Android runtime expects full control over Bluetooth, and through its own interfaces at that.

I don’t know that’s why I asked. That patch is the basic for containers. With it in line you can have full control over BT in the container. This is how I understood that conv.

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I am adding myself to the list, the bluetooth passtrough is a must, there are new devices coming in each day that are android dependent. There is no way to workaround this in Sailfish and it is naive to expect that Sony (in my case, WF-1000XM4, sound works great but all the features are unavailable) would port their application to the our beloved OS.

I believe that this bluetooth passtrough is a complete manace and it is pain to implement it, but
this is something that must be addressed as practically each potential Sailfish user has at least one device that needs it.

Anyway I love Sailfish, keep on pedaling :heart_eyes: