Bancoposta and poste italiane apps

one of my main concern is my bank account, or better the card associated with it, because it requires a code sent throught the app for authorizing payments, and althought it does bother me a lot unfortunately that’s the way it is

so i was wonder if any italian is using the bancoposta android app to confirm me if it works or not…

it would be very appreciated…

I’m on an Xperia 10 iii with SFOS and Microg (but no Google Play Services).

Both BancoPosta and Poste Italiane complain about missing google services but work (I don’t use BancoPosta for payments, so I can’t test notifications, but the apps seems to work just fine). With Poste Italiane you can’t search for the nearest post office (because of missing google services).

For some reason, though, PosteID doesn’t work, right after launch it complains that there is no internet connection (but there is) or that it is not allowed to connect (but I was never asked nor denied access to the internet to the app itself).

I’ve used both Bancoposta and PosteID with the same warning as Orologiaio above, that the device has been “tampered with or rooted” but it then works ok. I’ve had problems sometimes installing updates from Aurora store, recently resolved by setting the spoofing settings to a device with an old API (25 I think). Mostly I use my PC and authenticate via sms - they say the limit is 10 per 3 months but I think it’s not enforced.

Thank you, my fear is mostly not being able to receive autenthication for the credit card but thank you guys…

Posteid works for me, both with QR and in-app authentication (no need to use SMs). I have also experienced the “no internet connection” warning in the past on occasion, but the app still let me authenticate with an OTP. I don’t have Bancoposta so I can’t provide a data point there.

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